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If a natural disaster impacts the property of a residential owner, most owners assume that their insurance provider is going to step up and cover repairs or even replacement costs. Sadly, most residential property owners soon discover that getting anything from their coverage from tricky claims adjusters isn’t an easy task. That’s where our Westchester County residential property damage lawyers can help.

In the event of this, it’s typically necessary to let a veteran property damage attorney join your fight in supporting your claim to your rightful coverage, using anything from negotiations to expert presentations to the right audience. Contact Rosenbaum & Taylor right away at (914) 326-2660 to speak with an expert property attorney in Westchester County for a free consultation that can lead to a suitable conclusion to your situation.

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What Are Common Kinds Of Damage To Residential Properties In New York?

A residential property owner carries the burden of making sure they keep their location protected as much as possible from damage. On the other hand, homes aren’t totally indestructible, and there are some kinds of damage you just can’t prevent. If something really disastrous happens, resulting in severe property damage, then your family might actually lose your home and have to move out while something is done about it. Even landlords can stand to lose substantial income if they have tenants that need to move out.

Many property owners will take out a policy of property insurance as a safety means, in order to have coverage that allows for necessary compensation and/or repairs in the event of severe property damage.

The following are some of the more frequent kinds of property damage that can impact a residential property, but certainly not all of them:

  • Construction Errors
  • Fire Damage
  • Asbestos/Mold
  • Subsidence
  • Water Damages
  • Windstorms

Extensive property damage caused to a residential home from a tree falling on it.

Rely on the expertise of Rosenbaum & Taylor’s insurance coverage lawyers to totally investigate your case specifics, before putting together a bulletproof claim that simply can’t be ignored by any insurance provider. When we’re on your side, you’ll have someone with experience in negotiations and representation who can recover what you really need to repair or even rebuild your property as it should be.

How Can You Make Sure You’re Totally Compensated For Property Damage?

In order to get a rightful reimbursement you deserve for your property damages, it’s necessary for us to convince your insurance carrier to go against their own interests by acting in a responsible manner. Insurance carriers are for-profit companies that make money by avoiding paying claims whenever they can. The whole industry has gotten really effective at the use of loopholes to prevent paying money out, while also exploiting the poor comprehension most clients have of insurance laws.

Given this, it’s smart to hire a veteran property damage attorney in Westchester County who has the experience and knowledge to be sure the insurance industry respects your rights and gives you due compensation.

Here at Rosenbaum & Taylor, we have a team of seasoned legal experts that have already dealt with numerous property damage cases and fought against unscrupulous insurance carriers. The following are just some categories of cases that we’ve already found tremendous success in:

  • Claims that the specific damage isn’t covered under your policy at the time
  • Not properly investigating a claim in good faith or properly enough
  • Refusal to pay an adequate claim value
  • Undervaluing any damage/Offering insufficient amounts

Our Westchester County Residential Property Damage Lawyers Fight for Your Compensation

Have you suffered any property damages? Are you worried that your insurance carrier isn’t going to pay you fairly for your claim? In either case and especially both, you need help. The attorneys here at Rosenbaum & Taylor have the expertise and skills necessary to help you put together a strong claim to your insurance provider, making sure that they step up and meet their legal obligation to fully cover any property damage that you suffered. If your current insurance carrier isn’t acting in good faith or meeting their legal duty, we can pursue statutory damages because they’re not holding up their end of your deal with them.

Call us right away at (914) 326-2660 to learn more regarding your case. One of our New York business attorneys will carefully review your case details before defending you and your interests assertively in court and the legal system at large. Contact us soon to schedule your free consultation.

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