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The law firm of Rosenbaum & Taylor provides high quality legal advice and representation to insurance companies and their insureds, third-party administrators, businesses and individuals, protecting their interests in both litigation and transactional contexts and defending a wide range of claims and lawsuits.  Rosenbaum & Taylor partners with its clients to develop effective strategies, focusing, where possible, on early resolution, while remaining committed to zealous advocacy.  The firm is committed to a strong attorney-client relationship, with regular communication and a collaborative approach  to resolving matters.The founding partners, Dara L. Rosenbaum and Scott P. Taylor lead a diverse team of highly-skilled attorneys dedicated to helping the firm’s clients achieve their goals by focusing on results, responsiveness and value.



The Appellate Team at Rosenbaum & Taylor, P.C. has vast experience in drafting and arguing appeals, as well as complex motions. Our attorneys have represented litigants in State and Federal appeals courts throughout New York, developing appellate strategy, researching critical issues, drafting strong briefs and zealously arguing before appellate courts.

Our attorneys are often called upon to advise other attorneys and insurance companies at the outset of litigation and during the pendency of cases, to provide our insight into how issues are being decided on the appellate level, to inform key strategic decisions. They have also been called upon to draft, or consult on, complex liability and damages motions and on issues likely to be appealed.

The appellate counsel at Rosenbaum & Taylor, P.C. understand what is at stake when cases go up on appeal and strenuously advocate for their clients’ interests in all areas of law.


Lawyers that handle business litigation have special skills, and our law firm has the track record, experience and knowledge to provide the best legal representation. Business litigation requires a unique blend of hustle, smarts and experience. Generally speaking, NY commercial litigation is one of the toughest kinds of litigation, which is why you want nothing but the best legal representation.

Sooner or later you may need to hire a business litigation lawyer in NY, and when that time comes you’ll want to contact our law firm right away. We practice in the entire state of NY. We specialize in disputes between businesses.

No case is too difficult for us to handle. Our track record speaks for itself. We constantly deal with business litigation in NY, which is why you should hire us when you need an attorney to represent you.

Business Litigation

Companies of all kinds rely on contracts as a part of doing business. Unfortunately, contract disputes sometimes arise. When problems like these occur, they can cause major disruptions and can negatively impact a company’s bottom line. Our skilled and experienced contract dispute attorneys can attempt to negotiate a favorable resolution to your specific situation. If a favorable resolution cannot be negotiated, our contract dispute attorneys can take whatever steps are necessary to assure that your interests are protected. Whether you are being sued or need to sue, we can help you get the results you need.

In New York, Rosenbaum & Taylor provides services to companies throughout the state. Our law firm’s excellent reputation and history of success can be attributed to our ability to protect the rights of our clients. If you are dealing with a contract dispute, let us put our expertise and experience to work for you

Contract Dispute

At Rosenbaum & Taylor PC, our attorneys have extensive experience dealing with, reviewing, drafting, and negotiating contracts. Thanks to our knowledge of contract law and our extensive history of dealing with all types of agreements, our contract drafting & review attorneys are more than qualified to assist clients with any type of contract. We can help you, whether you need an insurance policy explained, a services contract drafted, or a construction agreement negotiated.

We draft, review and negotiate virtually any and all agreements throughout New York, including Long Island (Suffolk and Nassau Counties), New York City’s five boroughs (Staten Island, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Manhattan), Westchester and Rockland Counties.

Contract Review And Drafting

Insurance Defense

The partners of Rosenbaum & Taylor have over fifty years of combined litigation experience representing insureds on behalf of insurance companies. The attorneys at Rosenbaum & Taylor have handled personal injury. wrongful death and property damage cases, large and small, simple and complex, throughout the State and Federal Courts of New York State. From pre-suit through trial and appeals, Rosenbaum & Taylor has the experience to get positive results. With an emphasis on strong communication and reporting, our attorneys always attempt to resolve cases expeditiously and efficiently, while never compromising our strong advocacy skills.

The attorneys at Rosenbaum & Taylor pride ourselves on our excellent cooperative relationship with insurance company adjusters and third party claims administrators, developing the best strategies on a case-by-case basis. We are able to achieve the best results for our clients by preparing our cases with an eye toward a possible trial, while recognizing that most cases will be resolved without the need for trial. Our insurance defense attorneys are firm negotiators and accomplished litigators who serve the firm’s clients by leveraging their years of courtroom experience to achieve the best results.

If your business or home is damaged due to the fault of others, then you need a skilled and professional lawyer to make certain that you are compensated for your loss.  Here at the law offices of Rosenbaum & Taylor, we know that those responsible for your damage may not be quick to recognize your losses and their responsibility.  Whether you are a business or a property owner, we can help you try to get the compensation you deserve from those responsible for the damage to your property.

Remember, you need the right legal team by your side. By hiring our experienced property damage lawyers, you can rest assure we will fight to get you the maximum compensation possible. We always make sure that our clients are treated fairly throughout the entire legal process.  Whether it takes just a letter or phone call, or if a lawsuit becomes necessary, we can help you get the result you deserve.

Property Damage


Representation of Intellectual Property Law
Business Law

Protecting Intellectual Property in New York

Intellectual property is a business asset, it’s creations of the mind such as inventions, literary and artistic works, symbols, names and images used in commerce.

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