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If you are a business owner, how fast you are able to respond and recover in the wake of an unfortunate event such as an accident or a natural calamity is crucial. Regardless of the size of your business and the level of damage, it is important to act quickly to minimize the significant financial consequences. At Rosenbaum & Taylor, our Westchester County commercial property damage attorneys make sure that the insurance companies give you fair compensation.

While many property owners take out commercial property insurance to provide a safety net in situations such as these, the sad reality is that it can be quite difficult to secure the compensation that you rightfully deserve. Insurance companies will often go out of their way to challenge, reduce, or deny policyholder’s claims to reimburse more than the absolute minimum.

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Should I Seek an Attorney Before Filing an Insurance Claim for Property Damage?

If you’ve suffered an unfortunate event that resulted in damage to your property, your top concern should be filing an insurance claim yourself. Make sure you extensively document the incident; take as many pictures of the damages as possible and write down detailed notes. When the claim process kicks off, it is smart to take the extra step to safeguard your rights by consulting a law firm with extensive commercial property damage experience. The team of lawyers at the firm will ensure that you get to clearly understand your insurance policy and also ensure that you are awarded the full compensation that you deserve.

Here at Rosenbaum & Taylor, our property damage lawyers have significant experience representing all kinds of commercial property owners. The following are some of the property owners we work for:

  • Medical clinic owners
  • Office buildings owners
  • Rental property owners
  • Industrial sites owners
  • Retail developments owners

What are Common Kinds Of Commercial Property Damage Claims?

Accidents and natural forces can result in enormous property damage and lower or eliminate your commercial property’s ability to generate any revenue. It is in your best interest to have the property repaired in the shortest time possible; the last thing you want to deal with is a lengthy dispute with your insurance company. With an expert lawyer working for you, you are assured that your interests are effectively represented. Many commercial property insurance policies cover each of the following kinds of damages:

  • Losses resulting from business interruption
  • Costs of repairs
  • Damage or destruction of movable property, for example, office equipment
  • Internal structural damage
  • Exterior building damage

An air conditioning unit leaking on the roof of a commercial building causing water damage.

Your business and/or that of your tenants will be severely affected in the event that your building is significantly damaged. If your insurance provider delays the process, then this might painfully stretch out the time required for you and your tenants to recover and get back to business. When you hire an attorney, they’ll help ensure that you are fully and fairly compensated and in the shortest time possible.

What if My Commercial Property Damage Claim is Denied?

Often, in the wake of a disaster, it can be very difficult to fully recover without the financial assistance that your insurer assures you. In case your insurance company denies your claim, they might be acting in bad faith. This is where the assistance of a property damage lawyer becomes important more than ever. Here at Rosenbaum & Taylor, we have a team of expert commercial property lawyers that have extensive experience negotiating with and dealing with insurance companies. In case your insurer breaches your insurance policy, the Rosenbaum & Taylor will act fast to ensure that you receive statutory damages.

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