New York Appellate Lawyer

The New York appellate lawyers at Rosenbaum & Taylor, P.C. passionately advance the interests of their clients in appellate litigation. The firm’s appellate team represents clients in cases on appeal, by helping them resurrect dismissed cases, get favorable decisions and trial results affirmed or by helping them to reverse and/or modify unfavorable court decisions and trial results.

New York Appellate Lawyer

Our experienced appellate attorneys have successfully argued appeals in the Appellate Division, First and Second Departments, the New York State Court Of Appeals, and the U.S. Court of Appeals For The Second Circuit. We work with and for insurance companies and law firms who are looking to protect the interests of their insureds and clients, both perfecting and defending appeals in the State and Federal Courts throughout New York. We understand and appreciate the intricacies of appellate practice, in developing strategy, in researching and writing briefs, and in arguing appeals. Whether the issues are simple and straightforward or are complex and numerous, we have the experience to handle all appeals, whether civil or criminal. The appellate lawyers at Rosenbaum & Taylor take and defend appeals from the Supreme, Civil, Criminal, Family, State District Courts and Federal District Courts in New York, as well as from the Appellate Divisions.

Our firm provides skilled and passionate advocacy in the appellate arena. We draft compelling appellate briefs that convey our clients’ positions and arguments and the rationale for the courts to find in our clients’ favor. As appellants, we argue zealously to leave the courts with a clear understanding of the lower courts’ errors and/or improvident exercises of discretion. As respondents, in appeals by our clients’ adversaries, we vigorously defend the favorable decisions our clients have received.

Our appellate counsel is also often retained to offer advice and develop strategy well before adverse decisions may be issued. We are consulted by other counsel and by insurers when matters first come in and during the course of litigation, or trial, to apprise them of the applicable current appellate landscape. We also assist other counsel with complex discovery matters, complex liability and damages motions, summary judgment motions, pre-trial appeals, trial motions, post-trial motions, and comprehensive legal strategy.

Rosenbaum & Taylor is ready and committed to providing sound advice, passionate representation, and a strong chance at success in all aspects of appellate litigation. Contact our office today to schedule your risk-free consultation.

New York Appellate Lawyers

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