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Are you in need of Insurance Coverage Attorneys in Westchester County NY? At our law firm, we specialize in taking legal action of complex insurance coverages and claims that arise from different resources such as group policies, commercial, and even individuals. We play the role of representing clients who face disputes that arise under both personal and commercial policies. Furthermore, we also offer free legal advice to our clients.

We understand how insurance policies work, and we usually use the knowledge we have acquired over the years to guide our clients through the insurance claim process. The New York business lawyers at Rosenbaum & Taylor, we will help you get the best settlement for your case either through trial or by helping you come up with a better strategy.

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What Is The Importance Of Having An Insurance Coverage?

The reason why you need insurance coverage is to protect your business from various risk factors, such as paying huge penalties to defend lawsuits and even be deprived of your rights without knowing. Therefore, if you do face a lawsuit and your insurance company fails to settle the claim by accepting a coverage, then your business might end up being bankrupt because of the liability and expenses that it will incur. Moreover, as a client, you are more in need when your insurance dealers take legal action of suing our business for declaratory action. Take the step of hiring an attorney specialized in insurance coverage to help you evaluate your case. Talk to us today, and we will direct you on which legal actions are best to take.

When Should I Hire An Attorney Specialized In Insurance Coverage?

As a business owner, the need to have insurance coverage usually arises when facing a direct loss, such as loss or damage of property. With first-party coverage, business owners can recover from such problems. Another scenario where one can hire a coverage lawyer is when your brand is sued by someone, and the insurance company denies coverage. When such matters arise, you will need the help of a coverage attorney to help you fight for these claims.

Moreover, it is also necessary that you hire a lawyer specialized in insurance coverage when sued by an insurance company that you are in contract with. Most of the time, insurance companies take legal action of suing clients so that they can deny them coverage. That is why you should hire a coverage attorney to assist you in such a situation. You should also consider hiring a coverage attorney when in the following situation:

An insurance police folder laying on a table next to a laptop.

  • Making payment of claims
  • When the payment of claims delays
  • Denied insurance coverage
  • Letter for reservation of rights
  • Bad Faith by Insurance Companies

It is also advisable that you hire an attorney who is experienced in this field, especially when filling for a lawsuit against another brand. That is because insurance companies usually fail to settle a claim until there is coverage. Therefore, with the help of a coverage lawyer, you can easily build a strong case against the company you are suing.

Can My Insurance Company Sue Me?

In most cases, it is necessary to take legal action to know whether a particular claim has coverage or not. The reason why insurance companies involve a court of law is that a policy is considered to be a contract, and therefore, only a court of law can decide whether a contract is valid or not.

Another time when an insurance company might sue you is when it is not sure of the coverage position. When an insurance company is not sure about its coverage position, it leaves the matter for the court to decide whether it is necessary to give coverage for the claim or not. However, by hiring our attorneys, we will help you come up with strategies that you can use to win your case. It does not matter whether the insurance company filed for the lawsuit; all you have to do is reach out to us to help you evaluate your case.

Insurance companies are also known for taking legal action because of various insurance issues. In most cases, insurance companies take the initiative of suing clients so that they can evade paying for claims under third party policy. A good example is the liability insurance policy. In such a situation, a business owner faces a liability lawsuit, and the insurer is not willing to compensate the injured party. Because of this reason, the insurance company files for a lawsuit for declaration of coverage so that you can be held responsible for the injured party.

Dealing with insurance companies is not easy, especially when they sue you or your brand. However, with the help of our experienced attorneys, we will help you deal with any lawsuit that you might be facing and give you peace of mind as we handle all the legal work.

When Can I Sue The Insurance Company?

Sometimes insurance companies fail to be accountable for their responsibilities until a lawsuit is initiated by the policyholder. The main aim of doing this is to pressure or push the insurer in paying for the claim. By contacting our lawyers, we can help you with such a process so that your insurance company can be quick in making payments for any claims made.

Insurance coverage documents on a table.

Does Rosenbaum & Taylor Handle All Insurance Cases?

We have taken legal action on various insurance cases in federal and state courts of New York. Some of the cases handled by our attorneys involve underpayment of claims, late payment of claims, denied insurance coverage as well as bad faith by an insurance company. Moreover, we also help our clients with the following clams:

  • Bad faith claims.
  • Health insurance claims.
  • Commercial General Liability Insurance Claims (CGL)
  • Employer liability claims.
  • Professional liability insurance claims
  • Rescission of insurance policy
  • Officers and directors insurance claims (D&O)
  • Errors and omissions insurance claims (E&O)
  • Disability insurance claims
  • Property damage claims.
  • Life insurance claims
  • Construction defect claims
  • Malpractice insurance claims
  • Auto insurance claims
  • Theft insurance claims
  • Personal injury claims
  • Business interruption claims
  • Condominium insurance claims
  • Homeowner’s insurance claims.

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