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Rosenbaum & Taylor represents many local and national insurance companies, along with their insureds. Representing a high number of insurance companies has provided us with an extensive background in the insurance defense field. We offer professional and competent legal services to insurance companies and their insureds. Our clients include casualty and professional liability insurance companies, and their insureds. We work directly with insurance companies, as well as third-party administrators.

Representing insureds to defend them against lawsuits has given our New York insurance defense attorneys experience in various aspects of legal work for a diverse range of businesses and individuals. Some of these businesses include construction companies, contractors, management companies, commercial and residential property owners, supermarkets, trucking companies, product manufacturers, security companies, shopping centers, homeowners, and restaurants. Rosenbaum & Taylor also regularly handles insurance cases related to indemnity and defense obligations. We represent companies in personal injury, wrongful death, and property damage cases on a daily basis.

Our insurance defense attorneys in Westchester County NY have experience in claims at various stages of litigation such as alternative dispute resolution, pre-suit, discovery, trial, post-trial, and appeals. Our attorneys have appeared in virtually all courts throughout New York, both State and Federal Courts. During the course of representing various insurance companies and their insured, attorneys in our law firm have confronted highly complex, and at times novel, legal issues related to defending clients in personal injury, wrongful death, and property damage cases.

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What Types of Insurance Defense Cases Does Rosenbaum & Taylor Handle?

The law firm of Rosenbaum & Taylor is fully committed to meet and fulfill the legal obligations and needs of the insurance providers and their insureds in various types of cases. We routinely handle all types of cases involving personal injury, wrongful death, and property damage. The attorneys at Rosenbaum & Taylor are dedicated to understanding the substantive law of their practice as well as the procedural process associated with the practice.

Our team of professional and experienced attorneys has regularly defended insurers and their insureds in extremely complex litigations. Here is a small list of recent legal matters successfully handled by our New York insurance defense attorneys:

  • Cases involving premises liability
  • Cases involving construction accidents, including Labor Law claims
  • Cases involving inadequate and excessive security
  • Cases involving product liability
  • Cases involving motor vehicle accidents
  • Cases involving liquor law liability (Dram Shop)

The partners at Rosenbaum & Taylor have over 50 years’ experience litigating personal injury, wrongful death, and property damage cases in the Courts throughout New York State. With our team of skilled and experienced associate attorneys, the firm is experienced in providing high-level representation to its clients. Our approach is focused on finding the right solution to effectively meet the needs of our clients.

What types of insurance defense cases does Rosenbaum and Taylor handle?

How Can a Lawyer Help Business Owners Who Have Been Sued?

There are times when business owners who have insurance coverage need or want to retain the services of an attorney, despite the fact that their insurance carrier has already retained counsel on behalf of the business. Those circumstances include situations where the available insurance may be inadequate, exposing the business or its owner to potential liability and damage.

Other circumstances include when the insurance company for the business agrees to represent the business under a reservation of rights, thereby rendering the business and its owner potentially liable for any recovery received by the injured party. In such instances, a business owner may want to hire an experienced lawyer who can assure that the business is receiving adequate legal representation. The lawyer can take a monitoring role which can ultimately save the business hundreds of thousands of dollars in judgment amounts.

The team of experienced insurance defense lawyers at the law firm of Rosenbaum & Taylor have worked with many business owners throughout the State of New York to help them protect them, even when their insurance companies have retained lawyers to represent them.

A woman meeting with an attorney for help defending her business from a fraudulent insurance claim.

What Is Liability Insurance?

If you ask most people what is insurance, they will correctly answer that it is a way to recover the cost of getting their home or car repaired in case of an accident. But what is “liability insurance?” Liability insurance is insurance that is designed to provide coverage to the person and business that are insured under an insurance policy for the claims made against them due to accidents.

The coverage under a liability insurance policy typically includes the cost of hiring an attorney for defending the claims as well as the amount to be paid by the insurance company to settle the claim arising out of the accident or the amount of verdict granted in a trial, to the limits of the available insurance. The policy limit is the term used to define the upper limit to be paid by the insurance provider in case an insured is found legally liable and required to pay damages. Any damages granted above this policy limit are typically not paid by the insurance company and are the responsibility of the person or business that is being sued.

There also is something known as excess insurance coverage, and it is sold in many forms. The most common type of excess insurance is the umbrella policy covering personal liability. The excess policy is designed to provide additional insurance coverage above the primary insurance policy limit.

An insurance defense attorney reviewing paperwork related to a claim with a client.

I Have Been Sued – What Should I Do?

If you have insurance coverage and you have been involved in an accident or are being sued, the first thing you need to do is to notify your insurance company and/or insurance broker. You should notify them even when you do not plan to make a claim yourself. They will ask you to provide some basic information. This information will concern the circumstances covering the accident and how the accident happened. The insurance company will use this information to conduct their own investigation and to get ready to handle any claims, if any, that arise from the accident. This investigation allows the insurance provider to present a better defense for you.

If you have insurance coverage and you have been sued, you should immediately forward the legal papers to the insurance company or your insurance agent. Untimely reporting of an accident or lawsuit may result in the loss of possible available insurance. If you have any doubts about whether your insurance policy covers the kind of claim being made against you, get in touch with your insurance provider, your insurance agent, or an attorney. Whatever the circumstances, you should not ignore the legal documents served on you.

The Rules of Court require you to file your response against the lawsuit within a specific time period. The response can be filed by you or someone you choose to represent you. Be aware that a corporation must have an attorney represent it. A corporation can not appear in Court without an attorney. Without a timely response, the Court may enter a judgment by default against the named defendant(s). Ignoring the lawsuit might also jeopardize the insurance coverage you might otherwise have available to you.

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