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Rosenbaum & Taylor represents many local and national insurance companies along with the respective insured. Representing a high number of insurance companies has provided us with an extensive background in the insurance defense field. We offer professional and competent legal services to insurance companies and those insured. Our team of competent lawyers routinely handles various claims (first and third party) against insurance companies. Our clients include casualty and professional liability insurance companies. We work directly with insurance companies as well as third-party administrators.

Representing insurance companies to defend them against lawsuits has given our New York business attorneys experience in various aspects of legal work for a diverse range of businesses and individuals. Some of these industries include utility companies, trucking companies, product manufacturers, construction companies, cable companies, security agencies, shopping centers, homeowners as well as restaurants. Rosenbaum & Taylor also regularly handles insurance cases related to indemnity and defense obligations.

An insurance defense attorney in Westchester County NY has experience in claims at various stages of litigation such as alternative dispute resolution, pre-suit, post-trial, trial as well as State and Federal court of appeals. During the course of representing various insurance companies, attorneys in our law firm have confronted highly complex and at times, novel legal issues related to insurance coverage.

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What Type of Insurance Defense Claims does Rosenbaum Taylor Handle?

The law firm of Rosenbaum & Taylor is fully committed to meet and fulfill the legal obligations and needs of the insurance providers as well as their insured in various phases of case management. The attorneys at Rosenbaum & Taylor are dedicated to understanding the substantive law of their practice as well as the procedural process associated with the practice.

Our team of professional and experienced attorneys has regularly defended insurers in extremely complex litigation involving multiple carriers that involved various insured and insurer related obligations. Here is a small list of recent legal matters successfully handled by our New York insurance defense attorneys:

  • Claims related to pollution and environmental impairment
  • Claims related to professional liability of engineers and architects
  • Claims related to professional liability of real estate brokers as well as insurance brokers
  • Claims related to construction defects on commercial, private, residential and public projects
  • Claims involving product liability and employment practices
  • Claims against directors and officers
  • Claims related to wrongful death and bodily injury
  • Claims related to First-party property
  • Litigation related to liquor law liability and general liability
  • Claims related to accidents at construction sites that involved NY State labor law violations
  • Claims related to motor vehicles

Our team of legal professionals has experience in varied departments and is dedicated to developing proactive approaches to the issues and challenges faced by the insurance providers and those they insure. We evaluate the needs of our clients on an individual basis whether it involves a single issue or ongoing assistance in a project spread over the long-term. Our approach is focused on finding the right solution to effectively meet the needs of our clients.

A woman meeting with an attorney for help defending her business from a fraudulent insurance claim.

Our team of attorneys specializing in insurance defense devotes a lot of time to legal issues that involve:

  • Claims related to professional liability
  • Lawsuits involving directors and officers
  • Defense against arson and insurance fraud
  • Premises liability and asbestos litigation
  • Liquor law liability
  • Matters related to general insurance
  • Legal issues involving accidents at construction sites that involve NY State labor law violations
  • Toxic torts
  • Litigation related to product liability
  • Claims related to motor vehicles

The law firm of Rosenbaum & Taylor has achieved significant success in matters related to insurance defense that involve first-party policies, umbrella, excess, fiduciary responsibility, and general liability. With our rich experience in these areas, we can cost-effectively and successfully resolve a variety of matters related to insurance defense during the early stages of litigation.

How can a Lawyer Help Defend Insurance Policyholders?

There are times when insurance policyholders face lawsuits. For instance, in case of a car accident, the policyholder might be sued by the other driver or their insurance company to get compensation when it is alleged that the policyholder caused the car accident leading to property damage or injury to another driver. In such cases, an insurance defense attorney might be hired by the insurance company to represent the policyholder in legal matters.

An experienced insurance defense attorney can help the policyholder reduce the amount of damages they need to pay. An experienced attorney can help in negotiating more favorable terms of settlement which not only protects the clients from huge financial loss but also keep the clients of the insurance company happy.

The team of experienced insurance defense lawyers at the law firm of Rosenbaum & Taylor have worked with many policyholders throughout the State of New York to help them defend their assets in legal cases. Our team of attorneys regularly shares information and legal best practices derived from our many years of combined experience which ultimately means that each member of the team is personally invested in each client.

How can a Lawyer Defend Insurance Companies?

Insurance providers often need to hire the services of an attorney to safeguard their business interests. For instance, insurance companies require the assistance of an experienced insurance defense attorney to create or modify their policies in order to make sure that the policies comply with the local regulations. Insurance regulations are generally guided by state law. Therefore, it is pertinent for a national insurance company to work with an experienced attorney who is knowledgeable about the particular state laws in which the insurance company operates to provide precise advice on ensuring that their practices comply with the regulations in that particular state.

In some cases, the insurance companies need to retain an attorney when they have to defend themselves against wrongful denial of a claim by a policyholder. The attorneys evaluate such claims as per the clauses in the applicable insurance policy and the local regulations to determine the validity of the claim.

Such assistance from experienced insurance defense attorneys helps insurance providers to cut down on false claims and insurance fraud. Our attorneys based out of White Plains have the necessary skills and knowledge to advise insurance providers on a wide range of counseling, administrative and legal matters. Our team of attorneys in the insurance fraud group has been successfully providing outstanding service to insurance providers and has obtained excellent results for our clients.

The lawyers at the law firm of Rosenbaum & Taylor have many years of experience in the efficient, aggressive and proactive disposition of legal cases. Our clients recognize us as their trusted counsel and highly skilled trial lawyers.

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What is Liability Insurance?

If you ask common people about insurance, they will define it as a way to recover the cost of getting their home or car repaired in case of an accident. It’s true but most casualty, property, and automobile insurance policies also have a clause for liability insurance. It is designed to provide cover to the person who is insured under the policy for the claims made against them due to accidents. The coverage under a liability insurance policy typically includes the cost of hiring an attorney for defending the claims as well as the amount to be paid by the insurance company to settle the claim arising out of the accident or the amount of verdict granted in a trial.

The policy limit is the term used to define the upper limit to be paid by the insurance provider in case an insured is found legally liable and asked to pay damages. Any damages granted above this policy limit are typically not paid by the insurance company.

There is also excess insurance coverage, and it is sold in many forms. The most common type of excess insurance is the umbrella policy covering personal liability. The umbrella policy is designed to provide coverage above the insurance policy limit for homeowners and automobile insurance policies.

I Have Been Sued – What Should I Do?

If you have insurance coverage and you have been involved in an accident, the first thing you need to do is to notify your insurance company and/or agent. You should notify them even when you do not plan to make a claim yourself. They will ask you to provide some basic information. This information will concern the circumstances covering the accident and how the accident happened. The insurance company will use this information to conduct their own investigation and to get ready to handle any claims, if any, that arise from the accident. This investigation allows the insurance provider to present a better defense for you in case you are sued.

An insurance defense attorney reviewing paperwork related to a claim with a client.

If you have insurance coverage and you have been sued, you should immediately forward the legal papers to the insurance company or your insurance agent. If you have any doubts about whether your insurance policy covers the kind of claim being made against you, get in touch with your insurance provider, your insurance agent or an attorney. For instance, a typical renter or homeowner’s insurance policy might cover accidents that happen away from the home. Whatever the circumstances, you should not ignore the legal documents served to tell you that you are being sued.

The Rules of Court require you to file your response against the lawsuit within a specific time period. The response can be filed by you or someone you choose to represent you. Without a timely response, the Court may enter a judgment by default against you and it’s possible for you to be held personally liable for the judgment. Ignoring the lawsuit might also jeopardize the insurance coverage you might have been able to use for covering the lawsuit.

What is the Plaintiff?

A plaintiff may be defined as an entity or an individual who files a lawsuit to get some kind of relief from the court. In lawsuits involving accidents, plaintiffs often demand monetary damages from the court to get compensation for the losses that they believe result from the accident. The Court can award damages equating the cost of repairing or replacing the property damaged in accidents. The Court can also award damages for recovery of economic losses such as loss of wages due to an individual being unable to work after being involved in an accident. In some cases, the damages might also cover the medical expenses required to treat injuries due to an accident.

Additionally, the Court might award non-economic damages to a person injured in an accident for impairment, disability, pain and suffering as well as the loss of life’s enjoyment. These non-economic and economic damages are known as compensatory damages. These are designed to provide compensation to the plaintiffs for the losses they have suffered due to the accident. In certain cases, the court might also award punitive damages.

Punitive damages, as the name suggests, are intended to punish the entity or individual responsible for the accident. These are not meant to provide compensation for losses suffered. These are designed to discourage the entity or individual from repeating their behavior that caused the accident. The Court typically awards punitive damages only in cases where it is determined that the conduct of the entity or individual responsible for the accident is reprehensible.

For instance, punitive damages might be awarded in a case if a person decides to drive a car knowing full well that they are drunk and unable to drive, even when others try to stop them from driving. Liability insurance does not cover punitive damages.

Overall, a plaintiff might be defined as an entity or an individual who files a lawsuit to attempt to recover various damages as described above.

What is the Defendant?

The person or entity being sued is known as a defendant. It is the term used to refer to the entity or person from whom the plaintiff is seeking damages. The lawsuit begins when a plaintiff filed a legal document (known as a Complaint) against one or multiple defendants. The defense of a lawsuit begins when the defendant files a document known as the Answer.

The Complaint is a document containing the claims made by the plaintiff. The Answer is a document containing the statement of the defenses put forth by the defendant.

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