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If your home has been damaged due to fire our New York Apartment Fire Lawyers know exactly what you are going through. It is completely normal to feel stressed and overwhelmed. Also, you might have suffered significant burn injuries. Usually, it takes weeks and in some cases, even months to completely recover from such injuries.

In case it’s not you but someone close to you who has lost their life due to an apartment fire, it might seem that the road ahead is full of obstacles that are too big to overcome. Don’t worry as you are not alone. An experienced attorney specializing in apartment fire cases can help you get fair compensation for your losses.

Here at Rosenbaum & Taylor, we specialize in helping people who have suffered great losses due to a residential fire throughout the State of New York. Our team of professional injury lawyers have helped many of our clients secure millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements.

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New York Apartment Fire Claim – Parties That Can Be Sued

Some property managers, property owners, and landlords put the lives of tenants at risk in order to earn a bit more profit. They take shortcuts without caring about tenants. If it can be established that your landlord’s negligence, in any manner, was partly or fully responsible for fire, it is possible to file a valid claim against the landlord.

Our team of experienced attorneys has handled many such cases and we will do a thorough investigation. In this investigation, our attorneys will look closely at the circumstances that led to the accident in order to identify any potential violations including:

  • Violation of the existing fire and building codes
  • Failure to inspect and maintain fire extinguishers, sprinklers, smoke detectors as well as other systems and equipment for fire prevention
  • Failing to replace or repair damaged and/or defective gas lines, electrical wiring, appliances as well as any other potential sources of fires in a timely fashion

A building fire in New York City.

It is also possible that a third party is partly or fully responsible for the fire or they hindered your ability to safely get out of the building. In such cases, it is possible to sue third-party defendants including:

  • The contractor that constructed the apartment
  • Defective alarm manufacturer
  • In case fire was caused by an explosion of a propane tank – the propane company
  • In case an electrical issue led to the fire – electrician as well as their employer
  • If the fire was caused due to a gas explosion – the gas company

New York Apartment Fire Attorney – Why You Need One?

If you want to win your case, it is up to you to conclusively prove that another party or parties were responsible for the fire due to their negligence. We have a team of experienced attorneys who will take an objective look at the facts of the accident, do a thorough investigation and also, analyses real estate and insurance documents. Our team of attorneys will also take into account the damage caused due to fire along with any other evidence to determine the right party that can be sued due to their involvement in your injuries or in the loss of a loved one.

You need someone by your side who has the necessary experience and who has your best interests in mind. Get in touch with Rosenbaum & Taylor now to get the necessary assistance, counsel, and representation required for securing a complete financial recovery. We care for our clients and we have a successful track record to prove that.

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