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Building explosions are an especially damaging occurrence both for their unpredictable nature and their potential to result in massive destruction. Our New York Building Explosion Attorneys have years of experience handling such tragedies. An explosion can often result in severe injuries to victims due to the fires, impacts, shrapnel and other hazards common to explosions. Death is not an uncommon occurrence especially in the event that a building collapses.

One of the worst things about a building explosion is that they are usually quite preventable. The fault is usually found in a single act or a whole string of acts of negligence on the count of several different parties.

If you have suffered damages or injuries due to a building explosion it will be important to have your case thoroughly reviewed by a qualified lawyer who can properly calculate your damages and compensation owed.

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What Are the Common Causes of Building Explosions?

Building explosions can happen in all kinds of different locations and for a wide variety of reasons. Some of the most common causes of building explosions include:

  • Mishandled or defective combustible fuels
  • Faulty wiring in a home
  • Inadequate maintenance of public electric or gas utilities
  • Improperly monitored construction site
  • Mishandled or defective propane tanks at home
  • Improperly designed gasoline tanks

Even the smallest errors in maintenance or services can result in a circumstance where the slightest spark or flame can cause a considerably destructive explosion. When dealing with electricity, gas, gasoline and other flammable fluids, it is essential to practice extreme care.

A building explosion in New York City.

Who Can Be Held Liable for a Building Explosion?

In most cases, the underlying causes of a building explosion in New York City can be found in either human error or corporate negligence. It will require swift action on the part of the victims and their legal counsel to properly identify the liable party.

Those who hope for a successful outcome to their case should retain the service of a legal professional with experience in building explosions. They will begin to look into the matter and begin identifying the true cause of the incident. Without this expert insight and understanding of the claims process, your claims may not receive the respect and compensation it is due. This is because the insurance providers will seek to protect their own interests and do all they can within the law, and sometimes outside of the bounds of the law, to keep from paying you the compensation you are due.

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