New DOL Rules Make It Harder to Classify Workers As Independent Contractors

Concept of new rules for Independent Contractor vs Employee Classification

The differences between independent contractors and employees have always been complex. Even with widely used IRS guidelines, many businesses improperly classify their employees as 1099 workers. Now, making this distinction just got more difficult. New Department of Labor rules have made it more likely that a worker will be an employee, not a contractor. If […]

Alternatives to Litigation After a Breach of Contract

Breach of contract concept image

When one party to a contract breaches it, the other party’s immediate impulse is to file a lawsuit. But this can be an imprudent response. A breach of contract lawsuit can easily increase animosity and make it impossible to amicably resolve the matter. It also may not be necessary, efficient, or financially wise, depending on […]

New York Businesses and the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

If you’re a private business with at least 15 employees, you need to understand the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA). This recently enacted law is designed to require reasonable accommodations for pregnant women and those who have recently given birth. A New York business law attorney can explain what this law means and defend your […]

Starting a New Business? Don’t Forget a Policies and Procedures Manual

Employee Handbook

If you’re a new business owner, it may seem like there’s an unending list of things to do. One step you should not overlook is the creation of a policies and procedures manual. Also known as an employee handbook, these rules help businesses govern the workplace. They also protect the employer by setting forth the […]

Considerations When Naming Your New Business

Naming Your New Business

Settling on the perfect name for your new business can be a frustrating experience. You may have compiled a list of candidates, but how do you select the right one? Making this decision implicates both practical and legal considerations. We know you want the best for your business and we understand how significant its name […]

What New Businesses Need to Know About Contracts

Contracts for a new business in New York

Every business owner understands the importance of strong, enforceable contracts. If your company is new, you might be tempted to draft these contracts yourself. But there are some potential drawbacks to doing so. In fact, there may even be cases in which you might not realize you need a contract. Are you a new business […]

How Can a New York Business Attorney Help You Start Your Business?

Starting a business in New York

Starting a business is a serious decision. While there are many potential benefits to doing so, there are also risks. Many of the hazards that new business owners encounter are legal in nature. It therefore makes sense to have an experienced attorney help get your company off the ground. Are you ready to start your […]

What to Know About Granting Equity Compensation to Your First Employees

Equity compensation for employees

Start-ups routinely offer equity compensation to their initial employees. This can be a mutually beneficial arrangement. Employees who own a stake in the company can reap lucrative financial rewards as the business grows and profits. This serves as an incentive for workers to invest themselves personally in the company. Meanwhile, founders can save cash by […]

Protecting Your New York Business Against False Advertising Claims

New York False Advertising Law

New York has strong laws that protect consumers from false and misleading advertising. Companies that are found liable for false advertising can face significant civil penalties. But not all advertising that is labeled “false and misleading” actually is. Consumers are often quick to make this allegation when they end up with a good or service […]

Can a Business Owner Be Held Personally Liable for the Debts of a Business?

Sometimes business owners and shareholders can be sued for business debts

Many businesses incorporate or create limited liability companies (LLCs) to shield their owners from personal liability for business debts. However, there are circumstances in which legal formalities can be set aside to reach an owner’s individual assets. Courts may allow a plaintiff to sue the owners by taking an action known as piercing the corporate […]

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