Possible Legal Issues When An Employee Leaves Your New York Business

Businesswoman leaving company with box, concept of New York business law

Even the best employees will at some point resign from your company. On the other hand, you may have to force out insubordinate or poor-performing workers. However an employee ends up leaving your business, there are potential legal issues in how you handle their exit. Firings and resignations need to be managed in light of […]

Is Your Business Website Compliant With ADA Requirements?

Disability wheelchair symbol on keyboard, website ADA rules concept

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides significant legal protections for disabled individuals. Although enacted long before the internet became common, it does impose certain accessibility requirements for business websites. If your business website fails to meet these requirements, you could face substantial damages. Whether you want to learn more about ADA compliance or you’ve […]

Steps You Should Take Before You Hire in New York

Job interview, concept of things to do before you hire someone

Your business has decided it needs more employees, or a position within your company has opened up. The time has come to hire someone. But as with almost anything that involves labor and employment law, the hiring process is rife with potential legal landmines. The actions your business takes could inadvertently expose it to liability. […]

What Is Unfair Competition in New York Business Law?

unfair competition concept, businessman pulling ace from sleeve

Certain business practices can run afoul of the law, exposing a company to significant liability. One such area in which this is true is the category of cases known as unfair competition. New York law defines unfair competition fairly specifically. But proving a business has engaged in such practices is another matter. If your company […]

What to Know About New York Disability Discrimination Lawsuits

New York disability discrimination lawsuit concept, words disability discrimination

Employment discrimination on the basis of disability is illegal under both state and federal law. These laws ensure equal rights for all employees, and sometimes require accommodations to level the playing field. If you’re an employer who has been accused of disability discrimination, you need effective legal counsel from New York business litigation attorneys. Rosenbaum […]

When Is An Audit a Good Thing?

business lawyer conducting legal audit

We know that the word “audit” strikes fear in the hearts of business owners and individuals alike, and perhaps understandably so, but a legal audit is a good thing, we promise. Stay with us as we explain why having a business litigation attorney audit your current legal configuration can help you in more ways than […]

Why Your New York Business Needs Intellectual Property Counsel

intellectual property counsel concept, folder with inscription intellectual property

Businesses both large and small are increasingly relying upon their intellectual property to give them a competitive market edge. Everything from trademarks and copyrights to licensing agreements and branding can set your company apart. At the same time, there’s a risk that your intellectual property rights may come under attack by others. Competitors may even […]

What To Know Before Starting A Home-Based Food Business In New York

starting home-based food business in New York, woman with baked goods

New Yorkers have an entrepreneurial spirit, and they start numerous businesses every year. Some of those businesses have to do with food. But because of public health and related concerns, there are restrictions on doing so. Starting a home-based food business is legal, but it has to be done carefully and within certain limits. A […]

Social Media Mistakes That Could Get Your Business In Trouble

Business social media mistakes

Businesses increasingly rely upon a variety of social media platforms to promote and market their companies. From Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and Tik Tok, it’s virtually impossible to run a business without using social media. However, not all social media is benign. In fact, many companies – especially smaller ones – can easily make […]

How To Defend Your Business Against Discrimination Allegations

Concept of defending your business from discrimination claims

No company wants to be hit with a discrimination lawsuit. Apart from the potential for significant damages, a lawsuit can have other repercussions as well. For example, it could destroy your company’s reputation and standing in the community. A lawsuit is also bad for morale, is distracting, and can lead to decreased productivity. While a […]