When Your New York Business May Need an Attorney

New York Business Lawyer

Any company that has employees will likely require the services of a business lawyer at some point. Employment issues are complex and can affect your business in ways you may not have considered. Federal, state, and even local laws and regulations may govern the relationship your company has with its employees. There are several situations […]

How to Minimize the Risk of a Business Lawsuit

Business Lawsuit

Business owners face litigation risks from both inside and outside their organizations. Employees, contractors, business partners, suppliers, and others could initiate legal action. There is no way to guarantee that your business won’t get sued. However, there are strategies you can adopt to reduce the chances of a business lawsuit. The New York business lawyers […]

What Types of Insurance Might Your New York Business Need?

Red Folder With Words Business Insurance

If you are a new business owner, you likely already understand the importance of having business insurance. But there are many types of policies your business could need, depending on its industry, size, and other factors. Before opening your doors and doing business, it’s a good idea to speak with a knowledgeable New York business […]

What To Know About the FTC’s Ban on Non-Compete Agreements

FTC Non-Compete Ban Conceptual Image

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently issued a final rule that prohibits most non-compete agreements. If you are a business owner, it’s critical that you understand exactly what this rule does. But you should also know that the FTC non-compete ban is being delayed and challenged in court. There are also state limitations in New […]

Benefits of Mediating Business Law Disputes

Mediation for business law dispute

New York business lawsuits don’t always end in trial. In fact, most cases are settled outside of court. A process known as mediation is responsible for many of these settlements. Whether you are the plaintiff or defendant in a case, it’s important to know the advantages of mediation. An experienced New York business law attorney […]

What Your New York Business Needs to Know About the SHIELD Act

The SHIELD Act. shield act

Does your business handle sensitive client or customer data, including by electronic or digital means? If so, you need to understand what the SHIELD Act is. SHIELD stands for Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Data Security, and there are significant penalties for violating this law. To learn more about your legal obligations, talk to an […]

What to Bring to Your First Meeting With a New York Business Lawyer

New York business lawyer

Business owners are well aware of the financial and economic challenges they will face. Not as many are prepared to handle emerging legal issues. However, meeting with an attorney to discuss such matters can help your organization mitigate risks and avoid disastrous litigation. What should you bring to your initial consultation with a New York […]

How Can Mediation Help Resolve Your New York Business Law Dispute?

Mediation Word In Wooden Cube

When a business and another party disagree, the result could be litigation. But not every dispute has to wind up in court. And even if a lawsuit has been filed, there are alternatives to conducting a trial. One of those is mediation. If your business is having trouble with another business or individual, it’s time […]

Wage and Hour Law Your New York Business Needs to Know About

New York wage and hour law concept

Employers are subject to various rules that govern their relationship with their employees. Both federal and state laws affect pay, overtime, and other matters. Whether you’re part of a new or established employer, an experienced New York business lawyer can help ensure compliance with wage and hour law. Rosenbaum & Taylor is your trusted legal […]

How Can You Defend Your Business Against a Breach of Contract Lawsuit?

Breach of Contract Lawsuit

Being the target of litigation is potentially disruptive to your business. If you have been accused of breaching a contract, the outcome could be financially devastating. You may be faced with significant damages, lost productivity, and a hit to your company’s reputation. But just because a plaintiff files a breach of contract lawsuit doesn’t mean […]

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