Legal Issues That May Arise When Offering Employment

Employment Offer

You’ve reached the point where your business is growing and moving in the right direction. It’s now time to think about adding new members to your team. And while hiring may seem like a fairly simple matter, there are legal considerations involved. This is where the employment offer must be carefully handled. If your business […]

What Must Be Proven in a Breach of Contract Lawsuit?

breach of contract lawsuit

Filing a breach of contract lawsuit is a serious matter. If you’re the plaintiff, your legal rights – including the right to monetary damages – hang in the balance. Meanwhile, as the defendant, you could be ordered to pay significant damages if you lose. No matter what side you’re on, a lawsuit could damage your […]

What to Consider Before Entering Into a Business Partnership Agreement

Business Partnership Agreement

Business partnerships offer a wealth of advantages, combining the talents and resources of two or more individuals. But they are not without risks and largely for the same reasons. It’s one thing to operate a business enterprise on your own, with nobody else to get in the way. It’s a different ballgame when two or […]

Should I Franchise My New York Restaurant?

Our lawyers can help you franchise your restaurant.

Running a successful restaurant is no simple task, considering the intense competition that exists within the industry. If you’ve managed to make your operation profitable, you’ve accomplished something remarkable. That may naturally raise questions about what your next steps should be, including whether to franchise your restaurant. Franchising can be arduous and challenging, but the […]

Avoiding Discrimination in the Job Interviewing Process

Discrimination in a job interview, discrimination in hiring concept.

Every business owner knows the importance of taking steps to avoid discrimination in hiring. Not only is discrimination morally wrong, but it can also quickly land a company in legal hot water. However, not all businesses understand that discrimination can happen even during a job interview. If your company is planning to increase its workforce, […]

Terms to Include in Your New York Independent Contractor Agreements

Independent contractor agreement in New York.

Many businesses rely upon independent contractors to perform various tasks and complete projects. Although independent contractors are not employees, it is still essential that businesses enter into written agreements with them. These contracts, if properly drafted, will reduce the likelihood of misunderstandings and thereby protect the company’s rights. What terms should be included in your […]

What Is Promissory Estoppel and How Might It Affect Your New York Business?

A businessman telling a lie, promissory estoppel concept.

Contracts are the backbone of the business world, giving parties assurances that certain promises will be fulfilled. But what happens if there is merely an “agreement to agree” rather than an actual contract? While such an agreement is not enforceable as a contract, it can give rise to another legal doctrine: promissory estoppel. And an […]

What Your New York Business Needs To Know About The Corporate Transparency Act

Corporate Transparency Act compliance concept.

The Corporate Transparency Act is a federal law designed to prevent certain illegal financial transactions. Recently created regulations known as the Beneficial Ownership Information Reporting Requirements have effectively implemented the law. If you formed a New York limited liability company or corporation, you’re subject to these laws and regulations. The New York business lawyers of […]

Tips For Making Your Business Mediation A Success

business mediation.

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that allows parties to handle disagreements outside of court. Whether a lawsuit has already been filed or is merely threatened, business mediation can defuse the situation. The goal of mediation is to save time, money, and stress by avoiding protracted litigation. Successful mediation can also allow the […]

What Makes a Contract Not Enforceable in New York?

Learn what makes a contract unenforceable in New York.

Contracts are essential to good business. They help ensure that parties to an agreement carry out the promises they’ve made. But just because a document is called a contract doesn’t mean the courts will enforce it. Some agreements don’t meet the necessary legal criteria to be considered contracts. Others violate public policy or have some […]

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