What New Businesses Need to Know About Contracts

Contracts for a new business in New York

Every business owner understands the importance of strong, enforceable contracts. If your company is new, you might be tempted to draft these contracts yourself. But there are some potential drawbacks to doing so. In fact, there may even be cases in which you might not realize you need a contract. Are you a new business […]

What Is Tortious Interference With Contract in New York?

Tortious Interference With Contract

Contracts are key to reliable, profitable business relationships and indeed the economy as a whole. Without contracts, little business would get done because nobody would trust anyone else to keep their promises. Because of how critical contracts are to the business world, the law goes to great lengths to protect them. One way this is […]

What Makes a Contract Not Enforceable in New York?

Learn What Makes a Business Contract Not Enforceable in New York

Contracts are essential to good business. They help ensure that parties to an agreement carry out the promises they’ve made. But just because a document is called a contract doesn’t mean the courts will enforce it. Some agreements don’t meet the necessary legal criteria to be considered contracts. Others violate public policy or have some […]

How To Draft Quality, Enforceable Non-Compete Agreements in New York

How To Draft Quality, Enforceable Non-Compete Agreements in New York 1

Non-compete agreements in New York help companies protect trade secrets and other proprietary information employees may learn while working for them. And although they are legal in New York, courts will not uphold them if they are not drafted properly. This can be a looming potential threat to your business if you are not careful. […]

What is a Breach of Contract

What is a Breach of Contract 2

Two or more people may enter into an agreement to achieve specific business goals. This is called a contract in legal terms. A contract is an agreement between two or more persons that has specific terms. It promises to do something in exchange for a valuable benefit. A breach of contract occurs when this agreement […]

Why You Need A Skilled Attorney To Negotiate Your Contracts

Negotiate your contracts, contract attorney

Business owners and executives negotiate contracts all the time, so much so that negotiations almost become routine. However, a unique business deal or project may emerge that requires skilled negotiations to protect a party’s rights. This is where retaining a seasoned attorney to negotiate your contracts can be crucial. If you need to draft or […]

Common Contract Provisions Everyone Should Know

lawyer reviewing contract provisions with client

There are some common contract provisions that are, or should be, included in most written agreements. The language used in these provisions can vary in meaningful ways and depending on the way the provisions are drafted, they can have a significant impact on the contracting parties’ rights, risks, and remedies. There is no one-size-fits-all contract […]

A Funny Thing Happened With The Choice of Forum

jury box - choice of forum

Forum is the place, such as a court, where disputes, such as lawsuits, are heard. Many contracts include provisions that address which state’s laws will govern the interpretation of the contract and identify the forum where any dispute related to the contract will be heard. The forum provision may also read that any disputes about […]

Help! Get Me Out of This Contract!

Yes, sometimes, businesses do enter into contracts they really should not have entered into. Yes, sometimes businesses get “signers’ remorse” and do not want to fulfill the contract. Yes, sometimes businesses feel that what they are being asked to do under a contract is not fair, or proper, or not what they feel they agreed […]

Cost of Doing Business? How Costly?

Close up of contract, concept of contract disputes

While contract disputes are often considered, by business owners, to be part of “the cost of doing business,” understanding them and having the right team of experienced business contract attorneys can make resolving, or even preventing, disputes, much less painful. At Rosenbaum & Taylor, P.C., we have the knowledge and experience to guide companies through […]

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