Defending Water And Mold Damage Insurance Claims In New York

Water damage in a home in New York.

Water damage is one of the most common types of insurance claims. But these claims are not only limited to losses affecting the property. Water damage can lead to related claims such as mold injury. These can cost insurers substantial sums of money, and defending against them is not easy. The insurance defense attorneys of […]

What To Expect In An Insurance Claim Denial Lawsuit

A stampers that reads: "Claim Denail"

Insurance companies that deny claims can expect, at some point, to be challenged over it. The insured will expect to have the claim paid, and for a certain amount. If the insured is unhappy over how the claim was handled, there may be a lawsuit. Retaining an experienced insurance defense law firm is critical to […]

Using The Arson Defense In New York Insurance Cases

A match lighting a fire.

Intentionally setting fire to your own home or business is considered arson. Besides the crime itself, arson can be used in furtherance of insurance fraud. Insurance fraud is big money, costing insurers billions of dollars. Although insurance companies can invoke the arson defense to deny claims in certain circumstances, it’s not always easy to prove. […]

A Comprehensive Approach to Insurance Coverage

Lawyer talking about how they should approach insurance coverage

Insurance coverage isn’t just about resolving disputes. The best approach identifies and corrects issues before they become problems. The Westchester insurance coverage lawyers at Rosenbaum & Taylor offers comprehensive services to insurance providers. This helps them save time and money so they can focus on serving their policyholders. First and foremost, you want a law […]