Common Reasons (Valid or Not) a Home Insurance Claim Is Denied

Common Reasons (Valid or Not) a Home Insurance Claim Is Denied 1

You purchase homeowners insurance to protect one of life’s biggest investments. You expect that should you ever need to file a home insurance claim, you’re safe. Reasonably, when the home is damaged or destroyed, you expect to be covered. In many cases, however, the insurer will deny the claim. And while the denial may be […]

Understanding How Water Damage Insurance Claims Work

Water damage-insurance-claim

Water damage is one of the most common reasons that policyholders file insurance claims. And while insurance companies generally cover this type of damage, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to get a payout. Unfortunately, insurance companies have become skilled at finding “reasons” to deny insurance claims. This leaves honest policyholders holding the bag for the […]

How Third-Party Residential Property Damage Claims Work In New York


If your residential property is damaged by something that happens on it, your property damage insurance policy should cover it. But what happens if it’s damaged because of something that occurs on a neighboring property? There’s a good chance the insurance company will try to deny the claim. Although every policy is different, insurance companies […]

Selecting the Right Property Damage Liability and Defense Attorney

Picture of property damage liability

Insurance companies must routinely handle property damage liability claims. These claims can involve numerous types of disasters and other incidents. They affect both real property and personal property such as automobiles. Because these companies can be held liable for such claims, they need experienced and dedicated Westchester property damage attorneys. The law firm of Rosenbaum […]

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