That Information “is the next tier two.” Huh? What is that Supposed to Mean?

Businessman at desk sending text messages

That information “is the next tier two.” We actually received that line in an important communication today. We realized that the sender meant to write “annexed hereto,” but that talk-to-text apparently had other plans. Autocorrect failures are stuff memes are made of, but they are not the only potential pitfalls of conducting business by text, […]

Cost of Doing Business? How Costly?

Close up of contract, concept of contract disputes

While contract disputes are often considered, by business owners, to be part of “the cost of doing business,” understanding them and having the right team of experienced business contract attorneys can make resolving, or even preventing, disputes, much less painful. At Rosenbaum & Taylor, P.C., we have the knowledge and experience to guide companies through […]

“Smart Homes” And The Future Of Business Litigation

lawsuit involving smart homes are beginning to emerge

Smart homes are houses that are designed to connect otherwise mundane features, like door locks, to the internet. Many technology and social observers believe these homes could be a sign of the future. But already, cases are beginning to emerge which indicates how liability could arise over them. The companies involved in creating smart homes […]

Not all Contracts Can be Enforced In New York

Not all Contracts Can be Enforced In New York 1

If you’re defending against a breach of contract lawsuit, there are a number of legal strategies you could adopt. But sometimes a good defense is pointing out the weaknesses in the plaintiff’s case. Understanding your legal rights in a breach of contract civil suit means knowing the standards that apply. Working with an experienced New […]

Issues that Arise in Construction Contracts

construction contracts issue

The world never stops moving, and it seems like new construction is always taking place. If you’re in the construction industry, you know the importance of meeting the expectations of agreements. Deadlines, supplies, and inventory, and payroll can’t wait for a contract dispute. At Rosenbaum & Taylor, we represent parties in drafting comprehensive construction contracts […]