What To Do Before Signing A Commercial Lease

Signing a commercial lease is a significant undertaking. While it gives a business rights to use physical property for a set time, major obligations are attached to it. There are a few critical steps you need to take before you enter into such a contract. Are you looking to sign a lease for your company? […]

What Does the New York Adult Survivors Act Mean for You?

New York Adult Survivors Act concept, workplace harassment

On November 24, 2022, the Adult Survivors Act (“ASA”) was enacted in New York State. New York’s statute of limitations for civil actions arising out of sexual offenses against people over 18 years old has been amended by the ASA. The ASA amends the statute of limitations in New York for civil actions arising from […]

Common Reasons (Valid or Not) a Home Insurance Claim Is Denied

Common Reasons (Valid or Not) a Home Insurance Claim Is Denied 1

You purchase homeowners insurance to protect one of life’s biggest investments. You expect that should you ever need to file a home insurance claim, you’re safe. Reasonably, when the home is damaged or destroyed, you expect to be covered. In many cases, however, the insurer will deny the claim. And while the denial may be […]

What is a Breach of Contract

What is a Breach of Contract 2

Two or more people may enter into an agreement to achieve specific business goals. This is called a contract in legal terms. A contract is an agreement between two or more persons that has specific terms. It promises to do something in exchange for a valuable benefit. A breach of contract occurs when this agreement […]

What To Know Before Starting A Home-Based Food Business In New York

starting home-based food business in New York, woman with baked goods

New Yorkers have an entrepreneurial spirit, and they start numerous businesses every year. Some of those businesses have to do with food. But because of public health and related concerns, there are restrictions on doing so. Starting a home-based food business is legal, but it has to be done carefully and within certain limits. A […]

How To Prepare To Sell Your New York Business

Preparing to Sell New York Business

Business owners often reach the point where they decide to sell the company and move on to something else. You may have made that decision for yourself and are wondering what to do next. There are a few things you must do to protect your rights and interests through the process. You can trust the […]

What Types Of Cases Does A New York Business Litigation Attorney Handle?

New York Business Litigation

No matter how well your business is run, litigation is always a possibility. It may come from inside your organization or it could come from a business partner or competitor. The government may even get involved and trigger a lawsuit. The fact is, new york business litigation is a multifaceted practice area. And if you’re […]

Cost of Doing Business? How Costly?

Close up of contract, concept of contract disputes

While contract disputes are often considered, by business owners, to be part of “the cost of doing business,” understanding them and having the right team of experienced business contract attorneys can make resolving, or even preventing, disputes, much less painful. At Rosenbaum & Taylor, P.C., we have the knowledge and experience to guide companies through […]

“Smart Homes” And The Future Of Business Litigation

lawsuit involving smart homes are beginning to emerge

Smart homes are houses that are designed to connect otherwise mundane features, like door locks, to the internet. Many technology and social observers believe these homes could be a sign of the future. But already, cases are beginning to emerge which indicates how liability could arise over them. The companies involved in creating smart homes […]

Not all Contracts Can be Enforced In New York

Not all Contracts Can be Enforced In New York 3

If you’re defending against a breach of contract lawsuit, there are a number of legal strategies you could adopt. But sometimes a good defense is pointing out the weaknesses in the plaintiff’s case. Understanding your legal rights in a breach of contract civil suit means knowing the standards that apply. Working with an experienced New […]

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