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Rosenbaum & Taylor Law Firm offers exceptional legal services to contractors, material suppliers, project owners and developers, architects, and engineers. We help them in matters related to contractual disputes and other disagreements arising out of construction projects such as residential and commercial buildings, cooperatives, condominiums, and family homes. Our construction dispute attorneys in New York cover issues like drafting, filing, serving, enforcing, and vacating compensation claims, which are better known as mechanic’s liens.

We can represent our clients in litigations, arbitrations, and mediations, including advising them on the legal aspects associated with excavation and underpinning projects, drafting access agreements and license, diversion of trust funds actions, reviewing project contracts, handling architect and engineering issues, dealing with insurance problems, and negotiating on their behalf on matters related to construction law.

At Rosenbaum & Taylor, we have built a reputation for delivering as expected. We have the resources and expertise that are often associated with large law firms, and all clients that we have represented are pleased with what we do. Call our business law firm in New York today at (914) 326-2660 to learn more about how we can help and book a non-obligatory consultation.

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What Contractor Disputes Can A Lawyer Help Resolve?

At Rosenbaum & Taylor, we have the resources and experienced professionals that have vast knowledge about various construction disputes. They are attorneys and legal experts that will handle such matters on your behalf, whether you are the proper owner, contractor, developer, or subcontractor. We can help address disagreements regarding payment for services rendered, contested back charges, overtime work hours wage disputes, work stoppages, and termination or breach of contract.

Arbitration, Mediation, and Litigation

A construction dispute can be resolved through litigation, arbitration, or mediation, depending on the contract. Our lawyers will review the case, assess the facts of the matter, and advise you accordingly on the steps to take towards a favorable and successful outcome.

License & Access Agreements

Our team of legal experts here at Rosenbaum & Taylor has successfully represented property developers and owners to negotiate and draft license and access agreements. If the contract cannot be mutually agreed upon, then our lawyers seek a judicially issues license, on an expedited basis, which will provide temporary access to an adjoining property. Our team will pursue this as par Section 881 of New York’s RPAPL. Our attorneys can also help if you need to stop a neighboring property owner from starting or continuing with construction work if they have not obtained a license and failed to take all the required protective measures to safeguard your property and theirs.

Mechanic’s Liens

When it comes to Mechanic’s Liens (compensation claims), we represent material suppliers, general contractors, and subcontractors seeking payment for work done and services rendered. We also represent contractors and project owners that are trying to vacate an exaggerated or improper Mechanic’s Liens.

What is the Diversion of Trust Funds Actions?

We have successfully represented different clients in the Diversion of Trust Fund’s Actions. Such lawsuits offer a means for claimants and would-be beneficiaries to recover money owed on a completed construction project. The suit provides an avenue through which to recoup what is owed if the owner or developer (or defendant) goes out of business, or the Mechanic’s Liens foreclosure action was unsuccessful due to the lack of funds.

The beneficiary might collect from the Trustees the reasonable lawyer’s fee, which they have accrued to retrieve the diverted Trust Funds. This can also be applicable in asking for punitive damages. According to the Lien Law, if the Trustee is a corporation, then its principal will be held personally liable for settling the monies owed.

An attorney reviewing contracts that led to a construction dispute with a site manager.

What Construction Contracts Should I Have An Attorney Review?

Our legal experts will counsel clients in issues related to drafting or reviewing construction contracts to ensure their requirements and needs are met. At Rosenbaum & Taylor, we are fully committed to helping protect your interests throughout every aspect of the construction project.

Excavation and Underpinning

Our highly experienced attorneys take clients through the different aspects of the law to help them understand what to expect. They help them know their rights and obligations during various areas of doing a contraction project, be it shoring, excavation, or underpinning operations, among others. The objective is to help our clients, who can be general contractors, property owners, developers, subcontractors, suppliers, engineers, or architects on the litigation involved in improper or defective excavation and underpinning works.

If immediate actions, such as obtaining a restraining order, an injunction, or a stop-work order from the court or the NYC Department of Buildings respectively, is necessary, we have experts that will handle such matters quickly and aggressively to ensure you get the desired results.

Architectural and Engineering Conflicts

Some of our clients are professionals that are battling disputes related to architectural and engineering errors or omissions. If you are having a difficult time dealing with such issues, we represent you and protect your interests.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance companies are never too keen on paying claims. They will do what they can to deny or discredit a claim stating various bogus reasons like late notice. They even can refuse to come to your defense in a lawsuit brought against you. We have experienced insurance coverage lawyers and legal experts that can represent property owners, developers, engineers, contractors, architects, and subcontractors that are dealing with insurance coverage litigation in New York City.

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