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A business or house that is up in flames incurs significant losses, which can include the complete distraction of the property. The setback attributed to the fire can be hard to overcome, especially if your insurance provider fails to honor the insurance claim. New York City fire damage lawyers can make sure you’re treated fairly by the insurance company. If you are fighting your insurance provider over such an issue, be it a delay, denial, or undervaluation of your extent of the disaster and losses incurred, you have the right to take legal actions against your insurer for failing to uphold their obligations as stipulated the insurance contract you have with them.

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What are the Top Causes Of Fire Damages?

Unearthing the cause of the fire or how it started can help determine whether the insurance company is to offer financial coverage. Many insurance policies include damages of an accidental nature and where mostly unpreventable or unavoidable. Such damages include:

  • Wildfire
  • Faulty electrical wiring
  • Arson
  • Defective lightning
  • Gas leak

Finding enough proof that points to the exact cause of the fire can be difficult because it might also have been destroyed in the fire. However, our skilled attorneys will conduct a thorough investigation of your property fire and assess the damage to determine the validity of your claim and how much compensation to request from your insurance provider.

What Approach Should You Take When Dealing With A Case Involving Arson?

We have come across cases in which home and business owners have set fire to their property, hoping to collect a significant insurance payment as compensation for the damage. Such an act is not only considered as arson but file a claim for the property damage after committing arson is considered insurance fraud. However, we also have discovered that insurance companies will often use arson in defense of their reason to deny your fire damage claim.

Note that the insurance provider must provide proof of arson when they opt to use it as their defense. They must give evidence that shows you committed arson, in so doing, they will prove your actions were directed towards making a false claim. The evidence they provide you give enough proof that implicates you as the owner of committing arson.

An interior shot of a kitchen with extensive fire damage.

If there are significant claims that yours is a case of arson, then our aggressive team of fire damage attorneys at Rosenbaum & Taylor will commit all the necessary resources to discredit such accusations made by your insurance provider.

What Should You Do When Filing A Fire Damage Claim In New York?

The compensation award for a fire damage claim is intended to cover the losses incurred due to the damage to the property. It also will include the costs of relocation if the building was destroyed. Your insurer will send claim adjusters to assess the extent of the property damage. You, nonetheless, should never forget that the adjusters are representing the insurance company’s interests, and they are there to try an minimize the losses the insurer faces by paying out the compensation.

Our legal team has handled many fire damage claims and is aware of what it takes to ensure you get a fair appraisal of property damage. They will fight on your behalf to make sure the insurance company offers you a just settlement amount.

Some of the steps that you should follow to help bolster your fire damage claim include:

  • Keep copies of the police reports and fire department records
  • Inform your insurance provider immediately
  • Do not sign a waiver or release
  • Document the damage; this can be in detailed inventory that consists of written copies and photographs.

If possible, fix a few minor damages to keep your property from incurring further damage and keep the receipts of the costs of the repairs.

New York City Fire Damage Lawyers Helping You Recover

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