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Our Insurance Coverage Attorneys in New York, NY specialize in taking litigation for complex insurance coverage cases and claims that result from various resources such as commercial entities, group policies, and individuals as well. We strive to represent clients who encounter disputes that come about due to personal and commercial policies. Additionally, we offer expert opinion to our clients.

We know how insurance policies work, and we, therefore, apply our long-acquired knowledge and years’ experience to take our clients through the process of an insurance claim. At Rosenbaum & Taylor’s business law firm in New York, we will ensure that you end up with nothing but the best settlement for your case, whether it is through trial or any other means.

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What Is The Importance Of Having An Insurance Coverage?

The reason you would need insurance coverage is to protect your business from risks such as incurring hefty costs when defending lawsuits and getting your rights deprived without your knowledge. In case you face a lawsuit, therefore, and your insurance firm fails to settle the claim by taking up coverage, then your business might fall into bankruptcy because of the expenses incurred and the liability as well. After all, as a client, you need legal services more when your insurance providers decide to sue our business for declaratory action.

Decide on hiring a lawyer who is specialized in insurance coverage to assist you to go through the details of your case. Reach out to us today, and we will guide you on the best legal action to take.

When Should One Hire An Attorney Specialized In Insurance Coverage?

For business owners, the need for having insurance cover normally comes about when you’re threatened by a direct loss, such as property loss or damage. By taking up the first-party cover, business owners can bounce back from such issues. Another instance where an individual can hire an insurance coverage attorney is when your brand gets sued by another person, and your insurance provider fails to provide coverage. In the event of such a matter, you will need the services of a coverage lawyer to help you win such claims.

What’s more, it is necessary that you seek the services of a lawyer who is specialized in insurance coverage in case you are sued by an insurance firm with whom you are in-contract. Often, insurance firms take the legal action of charging clients to find a reason not to give them coverage. That is why hiring a coverage lawyer is important, as they help you go about such situations. You may also consider hiring a coverage lawyer whenever you are in the following situations:


  • Making payment for claims
  • Whenever claim payment delays
  • In case of denial of insurance coverage
  • When you receive a letter for reservation of rights
  • In the event of bad faith by insurance firms

It is also essential that you hire a coverage lawyer who is skilled and experienced in this field, especially when you are suing another brand. This is because most insurance companies fail to honor claim settlements when there is no coverage. With the help of a coverage attorney, therefore, it becomes easier for you to build a watertight case against the defendant.

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Can My Insurance Company Sue Me?

In most instances, it is essential to take legal action to know if a certain claim has coverage or not. The main reason why insurance companies involve a court is that a policy is considered a contract, and only the court can decide the validity of the contract.

Another instance where an insurance firm can sue a policyholder is when it is unsure of the coverage position. In such a scenario, the insurance firm leaves the decision of whether or not to grant coverage for a claim to the court. By seeking the services of our lawyers, we will help you strategize a win for your case. This is regardless of whether the insurance firm sued you; what you need to do is contact us to help you go about the case.

Insurance firms are also known for effecting legal action due to various insurance issues. In most instances. Insurance firms take the step of suing their clients so that they can avoid paying for claims under a third party policy. A practical example is the liability insurance policy. In such a case, a business owner is met with a liability lawsuit, and the insurer denies the injured party compensation. For this reason, the insurance firm sues for declaration of coverage, for you to be held liable for the injured party.

Dealing with insurance firms may be difficult, especially when they file a lawsuit against you or your brand. However, with the assistance of our skilled lawyers, we will help go through any lawsuit that may be filed against you and guarantee you peace of mind as we take care of your legal work.

When Can I Sue The Insurance Company?

Insurance firms often fail to account for their responsibilities until the policyholder files a lawsuit. This is aimed at pressurizing or pushing the insurer to pay for the filed claim. By reaching out to our lawyers, we can help go through such a process smoothly so that your insurance provider can make payments for any filed claims promptly.

Does Rosenbaum & Taylor Handle All Insurance Cases?

We have offered litigation for several insurance cases in state and federal courts of New York. Some of the cases that our lawyers have dealt with include underpayment and late payment of claims, denial of insurance coverage, and bad faith by an insurance firm as well. Further, we help our clients with the claims outlined below:

  • Bad faith claims
  • Health insurance claims
  • Commercial General Liability Insurance Claims (CGL)
  • Employer liability claims
  • Professional liability insurance claims
  • Insurance policy rescission
  • Errors and omissions insurance claims (E&O)
  • Officers and directors insurance claims (D&O)
  • Property damage claims.
  • Disability insurance claims
  • Construction defect claims
  • Life insurance claims
  • Malpractice insurance claims
  • Theft insurance claims
  • Motor vehicle insurance claims
  • Business interruption claims
  • Personal injury claims
  • Homeowner’s insurance claims
  • Condominium insurance claims

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We also specialize in builders risk insurance, disability insurance, umbrella insurance, errors and omissions insurance (E&O), automobile insurance, boating insurance, boating insurance, director and office insurance (D&O), automobile insurance, windstorm insurance, first and third-party bad faith claims, professional liability insurance, and commercial property insurance.

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