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Are you in need of a Landlord And Tenant Attorney In New York? At our business law firm in New York, we focus greatly on landlord and tenant law by offering an all-inclusive service compared to what is offered by many other attorneys in New York. Our all-encompassing services include preventing loss of a tenant’s business or home premises, preventing forfeiture, statutory rights enforcement, contract and lease enforcement. Whenever a tenant needs to make an emergency application to the court through Order to Show Cause can and often achieved.

Both case and legislation laws drive landlord and tenant law in the state of New York, often where the law continuously evolve into complex procedures and rules that may involve other areas of the law. Landlord and tenant Lawsuits are complex, including evidentiary requirements, filing limitations, administrative procedures, and other procedural demands. All of this can be confusing without the knowledge, skill, or professional guidance from a practiced attorney who only focuses on landlord and tenant law.

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Landlord-Tenant Lawsuits In New York

The relationship between a tenant and a commercial landlord is important. That is because, on one side, a corporation, company, or individual needs a suitable and well-maintained space to conduct business or live. On the other side, a property or building owner’s wish is to find a tenant who is responsible and obey lease obligations. At Rosenbaum & Taylor, our experience and successful cases have helped us understand the concerns our clients have and deliver personalized representation and legal care in every commercial dispute between the tenant and landlord. Call our offices today through (914) 326-2660 and let our highly skilled attorney work on your concerns or lawsuit. Rosenbaum & Taylor Attorney is waiting for you.

Types of Cases We Handle

Our highly skilled lawyers at Rosenbaum & Taylor represent property managers, defend tenants, licensees, petitioners in a lawsuit, landlords, and any other parties involved in commercial and residential property litigation. Our practice will represent either party in a landlord and tenant litigation, including those of:

  • Wrongful eviction
  • Contract actions between a former Landlord or tenant
  • Property Damage Disputes
  • Rent Overcharge Proceedings
  • Nonpayment of Holdovers Proceedings
  • Emergency relief
  • Filing Orders to Show Cause
  • Eviction of tenant
  • Collection Actions of Rent Arrears
  • DHCR Proceedings
  • Injunctive and Declaratory Judgement Actions


Landlord and Tenant in New York

  • Yellowstone Injunction Actions
  • Landlord liability
  • Habitability Warranty Breach
  • Self Help Evictions
  • Retaliatory Evictions
  • Bankruptcy
  • Judgement Vacatur
  • Illegal Profiteering
  • Illusory Prime Tenancy
  • Appeals
  • No Harassment Certificate Application
  • HP and 7A proceedings
  • Fair Market Rent Appeals
  • Tenant Privacy Rights

Honestly, if you are either a tenant or landlord in New York, you need to know the law or simply need legal advice. In this case, you need to rely on someone skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable. Through Rosenbaum & Taylor Law firm, you receive legal advice that will work well with your case. We provide accurate and well informed legal direction to resolve your case in a convenient, practical, and affordable manner. It does not matter if you want to resolve your case through settlement or lawsuit; we can handle all of these cases.

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At Rosenbaum & Taylor Law Firm, we have represented many landlords and tenant disputes across New York City, including neighboring cities like Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, and even Suffolk and Nassau Counties. There is not any case related to landlord and tenant litigation that we cannot handle. Furthermore, through the many years of experience we have, we know all the tactics and methods that work very well in getting the best-case outcome possible.

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