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Are you in need of experienced New York Property Appraisal Attorneys? Insurance companies often exploit the numerous loopholes and exclusions concealed deep within the complex language of their insurance policies in an attempt to avoid having to pay property damage claims. This is why it is particularly crucial to partner with an experienced lawyer who is aware of the deceptive tactics commonly utilized by insurance companies against their own customers.

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How We Can Help

Our expert NY property damage lawyers here at Rosenbaum & Taylor, know that the property claim adjusters are serving your insurance company and they do not care about you or your needs. In case you are dealing with the many challenges associated with property damage, then it is essential to have an experienced insurance claim lawyer to investigate and assess the level of damage on your commercial or residential property. Reach us at (XXX) XXX-XXX to get a free and confidential consultation.

Facing an Insurance Company

In most cases, insurance companies will try to delay, deny, or undermine the coverage of a policyholder so as to safeguard the company’s interests. In case you are convinced that your claim was unfairly denied or that you have been offered a lowball settlement amount, then you should consider hiring a lawyer to assist you to establish whether you have a solid case against your insurer.

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Here are some common reasons for challenging an insurance company:

  • The insurer brings forward misleading facts regarding a claim;
  • The insurer provides insufficient reimbursement or undervaluing the damage;
  • The insurer fails to investigate a claim in good faith and denied coverage;
  • The insurer delays neglect or fails to give you all the necessary information on your claim;
  • The insurer fails to pay or undervalues the damage costs
  • The insurer claims that the assessed damage is not included in your policy

Secure a Fair Appraisal

Property damage disputes are normally addressed by a three-appraiser panel. The insurance firm and the attorney of the property owner will each choose an appraiser who’ll look into the claim. An independent appraiser will serve as a neutral third party to assess the property damage also. The three appraisers will then make a decision on the compensation amount depending on the cost of repairs or costs of completely replacing the property. Our team of expert property damage lawyers have extensive experience handling the appraisal process and will endeavor to secure a fair appraisal and settlement for clients like you.

Serving Commercial and Residential Property Owners

The property damage appraisal attorneys at our business firm in New York will work hand in hand with you to make sure that you are treated in a fair manner and are awarded full compensation from your insurance provider. We will go over your policy and establish whether you have a legal right to receive financial coverage, and also look into if your property has been sufficiently insured for the damages it suffered. If there are any unfair or bad faith insurance practices, our team of expert lawyers will challenge the insurance company’s lowball settlement or denial on your behalf.

Our property insurance lawyers are committed to offering the highest quality representation for insurance policyholders in New York. In case you think that your valid insurance claim was denied or not handled appropriately by the insurer, then get in touch with an expert lawyer to go over your case and fight for your rights. Reach us at [phone] to get a free evaluation of your case.

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