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If human error or natural forces damage your home or business, you will have to deal with many issues. In most cases, you will have to look for a lawyer who will ensure that your insurance company compensates you fairly for the damage. The New York Property Damage Lawyers at Rosenbaum & Taylor know that insurance companies usually delay or deny property damage claims to increase their profits. That is why it is a good idea to look for an experienced New York business law firm to help you get the compensation you deserve.

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What are Common Types of Property Damage Claims?

New York insurance policies for home or business owners cover a wide variety of claims. The problem is that most of the property owners don’t know the damages that their policy covers. The good news is that an experienced lawyer fully understands what your policy covers and he or she can help you get the compensation you deserve. Some of the things that cause property damage are:

Natural Forces

  • Hurricanes/storms
  • Earthquakes
  • Fire/smoke
  • Landslides
  • Mold/bacteria

Human error

  • Pipe bursts/water leak
  • Construction defects
  • Subsidence
  • Foundation cracks
  • Faulty machinery or structures

A distraught man looking at his house after a tree fell on it. Contact our New York property damage lawyers if this happens to you.

What Types of Property Damage Claims Can You Help With?

Homes and businesses are vulnerable to many damages which can reduce the value of the property. Ideally, property insurance companies are supposed to protect their clients. However, this is not what happens as some insurance companies take advantage of their clients. An experienced property damage lawyer can help protect you against insurance companies that want to take advantage of you. Our NY property damage lawyers can help those who own the following properties:

  • Residential
  • Office buildings
  • Apartment complexes
  • Condominiums
  • Rental property
  • Places of worship
  • Medical clinics
  • Shopping malls or shopping centers

What Counts as Bad Faith Insurance?

While insurance companies claim that they will always put their customers first, some of them don’t do this and try as much as they can to make it hard for property owners to get the compensation they deserve. They use deceptive tactics to help them achieve their goal.

Insurance companies protect their bottom line by not horning a binding contract like an insurance policy. This is bad faith and a civil injury. If you prove a breach of the insurance contract or “bad faith claim” against your insurance company, you are supposed to get statutory damages. If you were unjustly denied an insurance claim contact our lawyers to get the compensation you deserve.

Contact Our Experienced New York Property Damage Lawyers

The New York Property damage lawyers at Rosenbaum & Taylor fully understand your property rights and will try as much as they can to ensure that you are fairly compensated. Apart from investigating your case and ensuring that your rights are protected, we will help with the paperwork associated with filing a property damage claim.

As a property owner, it is good to look for a lawyer as soon as possible after your house or business is damaged by human error or natural forces. If you need our legal services, call us at (914) 326-2660 for a free consultation to discuss your case and know about the legal options ideal for your case. When you choose the New York Property damage attorneys at Rosenbaum & Taylor you can be sure that your case will be handled in the best way possible as we have a team of experienced and highly skilled lawyers who are always ready to help you.

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