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New York residential property damage attorneys help property owners after their investment has been damaged by a natural catastrophe. Most people expect their insurance company to willingly oblige and cover the costs of repair work. As most people soon find out, it is becoming harder and harder to wring a drop of coverage from these, especially devious claims adjusters.

In such a case, it is often necessary to have an experienced NY property damage lawyer on board to bolster your claim to rightful coverage with expert presentations and negotiations. Call Rosenbaum & Taylor at (914) 326-2660 today, our highly experienced New York residential property damage attorneys will provide you with a suitable solution and a free consultation.

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What Are Common Types of Residential Property Damage in NY?

The owner of residential property has a duty to keep their location well protected from damage. Of course, homes are not indestructible and there are many types of damage that simply can’t be avoided. When something truly catastrophic causes serious property damage, a family may suffer the loss of their home and be forced to move out until something can be done. This can cause significant loss of income for a landlord whose tenants must move out.

As a safety mechanism, most property owners will take out a form of property insurance that provides coverage for needed repairs and compensation in the wake of serious property damage.

Some of the most common types of property damage a residential property may see include:

  • Mold or Asbestos
  • Fire Damage
  • Water Damage
  • Construction Error
  • Windstorm
  • Subsidence

Count on the expert legal team at Rosenbaum & Taylor to fully investigate the specifics of your case and assemble a bulletproof claim that the insurance providers cannot ignore. We will provide you with expert representation and experienced negotiating skills in recovering what you need to fully repair and rebuild your property.

A residence with the roof removed form the home by a tornado.

How Can You Obtain Rightful Reimbursement For Property Damage?

To get the reimbursement you are due for the damages your property has suffered, it will be necessary to convince the insurance company to act responsibly and against their own interests. As a for-profit business, insurance providers make their profits by not paying as many claims as possible. They have become especially good at using loopholes and their client’s poor understanding of insurance laws to avoid making payments.

For this reason, it is a good idea to avail yourself of the skills and insights of experienced New York residential property damage attorneys who can make sure your rights are respected and you receive the compensation due.

At Rosenbaum & Taylor, our experienced legal experts have handled a wide variety of property damages cases against these underhanded insurance providers. Some of the cases we have excelled in include:

  • Claiming the damage is not covered by your policy,
  • Refusing to pay the adequate value of a claim,
  • Undervaluing the damage and offering an inadequate amount.
  • Failing to investigate the claim properly in good faith

Rosenbaum & Taylor New York Residential Property Damage Attorneys

If you have suffered property damages and are afraid the insurance providers will not give you a fair payment for your claim, you will need some help. At Rosenbaum & Taylor, our New York residential property damage attorneys have the skills and experience to help you present a solid claim to the insurance providers and make sure they fulfill their legal duty to cover your property damages. If your insurance provider is not acting in good faith and holding up their legal duty we will even pursue statutory damages for not holding up their side of the deal.

Call us today at (914) 326-2660 to find out more about your case. Our NY business law firm will look over the details of your case carefully and defend your interests aggressively in the court of law. Call today to arrange your free consultation today.

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