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Water is one of the leading causes of property damage. Although it seems relatively harmless, it can do a tremendous amount of damage. Even a minor leak can cause extensive damage, leading to costly repairs. Our New York water damage attorneys make sure these repairs are justly covered by your insurance companies. Problems like mold can develop, posing a danger to your health. That is why water damage issues need to be addressed right away. If your property has been damaged by water, reach out to the property damage attorneys at Rosenbaum & Taylor in New York. Give our lawyers a call today at XXX–XXX–XXXX to ensure that you are compensated for the damage.

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What Are Some Common Causes Of Water Damage?

Water damage can occur for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common include:

  • Heavy rain or natural disasters
  • Plumbing problems like broken pipes or backed up sewage drains
  • Putting out fires
  • Appliances that are leaking
  • Leaks around windows or in the roof

In some cases, water damage happens slowly. In other cases, it occurs quickly, such as during natural disasters. The damage left behind by water can include rusted metal, rotten wood, sinkholes, and problems with mildew or mold. When you hire an experienced lawyer, they can help you determine the underlying cause of the water damage. They also can help you with your property damage claim, taking care of any legal issues and managing the negotiations.

What Steps Should I Take for Filing a Water Damage Claim?

As soon as you find water damage on your property, you should take photos to document the damage. Next, temporarily repair the problem to keep it from getting worse. Make sure to keep the receipts for any money you spend on repairs. The final step is to let your insurance company know about the damage and file a claim.

Property insurance plans offer varying levels of coverage for both homes and businesses. Consulting with an experienced property damage attorney in New York is the best way to figure out whether or not your policy covers water damage. Our legal experts will conduct a thorough investigation of your claim to figure out what options you have available. They will then help you with your claim to ensure that your legal rights are protected.

A living room floor flooded with water from a burst pipe. Our New York Water Damage Attorneys can negotiate insurance claims for situations like this.

What Can I Do If My Insurance Denies My Water Damage Claim?

Once you file a claim for the property damage, the insurance company will send out a claims adjuster. It is their job to evaluate the damage and to determine the amount of liability that falls on the insurance company. Based on their assessment, they will come up with a settlement offer. If they deny your claim or if you think the settlement is unfair, talk to a lawyer who specializes in property damage cases. They can help you dispute the decision.

New York Water Damage Attorneys Protecting Property Owners

Anytime water damage occurs, reach out to the New York business firm of Rosenbaum & Taylor. Located in New York, we can help you with the process of filing an insurance claim. With our assistance, your odds of getting compensated fairly for the damage dramatically increase. Set up a consultation today for free by giving us a call at XXX–XXX–XXXX.

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