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Apartment fires can be incredibly devastating. Going through an experience like this can leave you feeling distraught and anxious. On top of losing many of your belongings, you may have also sustained burns or other injuries. Apartment Fire Attorneys In Westchester County can help you seek compensation for pain and suffering. Injuries like these can cause a tremendous amount of pain and can take an exceptionally long time to heal, with the recovery process often taking months.

If an apartment fire occurred at an apartment complex where one of your loved ones lived and they were killed in the fire, recovering from such a tremendous loss may feel impossible. Along with the emotional impact of tragically losing someone you care about, you may find yourself facing financial difficulties. Working with a qualified attorney who has handled apartment fire cases in the past is the best way to ensure that you are fairly compensated for any damages or losses that you sustained.

At Rosenbaum & Taylor, we help clients in Westchester County deal with the financial aftermath of residential fires. Our personal injury lawyers have assisted many other clients in the past, helping to ensure that the settlements or verdicts that they receive are fair and that they are fully compensated for their losses.

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Who Can Be Held Responsible In Westchester County Apartment Fire Claims?

Apartment fires often could have been prevented if the owner of the property, the property manager, or the landlord had done things differently. These professionals sometimes behave negligently to keep their costs down so that they can earn more money. If any negligent actions on their part contributed to the apartment fire, you may be able to file a claim against them.

With plenty of past experience, our attorneys are more than qualified to investigate how the fire occurred. During their investigation, they will carefully examine the underlying causes of the fire or accident to see if any violations occurred. Some of the infractions they will be looking for include:

  • Building code or fire code violations
  • Smoke detectors, sprinklers, fire extinguishers or other fire prevention equipment that was not properly inspected or maintained
  • Problems with the building such as wiring issues, broken gas lines, outdated appliances, or other issues that should have been repaired or replaced.

Apartment fire in Westchester County NY.


In some cases, the actions of another party may have contributed to the fire or may have restricted you from quickly exiting the building. In situations like these, you may be able to file a lawsuit against a third-party defendant. Defendants like these could include:

  • The contractor that built the apartment complex
  • A company that manufactured a defective alarm
  • For propane-related fires, the propane provider or the maker of the propane tank
  • For electrical fires, the electrician or the company that they work for
  • For gas explosions, the gas company

Why Should You Hire An Apartment Fire Attorneys In Westchester County?

Winning an apartment fire case involves proving that the negligence of another person or party caused the fire. Our skilled business attorneys in New York will evaluate the evidence, looking at how the accident occurred. During this investigation, they will examine both insurance and real estate documents. They will also look at the damage that occurred as a result of the fire. Using this evidence, they can figure out which party was responsible for the fire. They can then help you file a lawsuit against that party to seek compensation for your injuries or to compensate you for the loss of someone that you love.

Working with an experienced attorney is important in cases like these. Reach out to Rosenbaum & Taylor today for knowledgeable advice and assistance. We care about our clients and have a long history of success when it comes to helping them win their cases.

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