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When a commercial or residential structure is set ablaze the damage can be significant, even total. This can mean significant losses to the property owner and a financial disaster if the insurance provider chooses not to honor the accord as outlined in the property insurance policy. At Rosenbaum & Taylor, we have a team of Westchester County fire damage lawyers to help you rectify this.

If you have found yourself entangled in a situation like this, where your provider delays, denies or under-evaluates the damages you have suffered, you have the right to take action. Often, the only way to bring an insurance company to full terms with the damages is by assembling a lawsuit against them for failing to uphold their end of the contract.

But, you will need expert help if you choose this course of action. We will provide you with our expertise and experience in handling these cases to ensure that your rights are respected and your interests protected. Call our offices today and arrange a free consultation with our Westchester property damage attorneys who will evaluate your case and tell you what your case entails. Call (914) 326-2660 today!

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What Are The Top Causes Of Fire Emergencies And Damages?

It takes an expert to find the true cause of a fire that causes property damage. This is because there can be so many different reasons and many of the clues have already gone up in smoke. But, this is essential to find out if the insurance provider is responsible to pay compensation or if some other person or entity is responsible for compensation.

An insurance provider will typically be responsible to cover damages caused by:

  • Faulty electrical wiring
  • Wildfire
  • Defective lightning
  • Arson
  • Gas leak

As mentioned, the clues needed to find the true cause of the fire may have been destroyed. Nevertheless, extensive experience in fire property damage cases has made us the experts on conducting these investigations and compiling a bulletproof claim to present to the insurance providers.

What Approach Should You Take When Dealing With A Case Involving Arson?

In our experience, we have encountered many cases where a home or property owner will set fire to their own property and then hoped to collect the compensation needed to improve their property condition. Insurance providers will not look kindly on this. First of all starting the fire is arson and trying to make an insurance claim thereafter is called insurance fraud. On the other hand, we have encountered other cases where an insurance company will try to use arson and insurance fraud to get out of making any payments to the insured party.

A building with heavy fire damage to its roof.

Of course, to do this, the insurance provider must provide proof that arson was the cause of the fire if they want to use this in their defense. They must provide evidence that shows that you as the owner intentionally set fire to your property in hopes to make a claim.

The evidence against you may be strong, but we can still lend our legal expertise to aggressively defend your interests here. We will find the evidence necessary to discredit the accusations of your insurance providers.

What Should You Do When Filing A Fire Damage Claim In Westchester?

The compensation provided by the insurance company exists to cover the costs of repairing the damage caused by the fire. It will also cover the costs of relocating the family if the building has been completely destroyed.

Once you have made the report, your insurance provider will send adjusters to survey the damage and assess the extent of the damage. Nevertheless, you must remember that these adjusters represent the interests of the insurance provider and will look for any details they can to discredit your claims and legally deny you your rightful compensation.

These are things we have seen many times in our years of experience as fire property damage lawyers and we know what must be done to ensure that your claims receive rightful compensation. Nevertheless, here are some things that you can do to bolster the strength of your case:

  • Inform your insurance provider immediately
  • Keep copies of the police reports and fire department records
  • Do not sign a waiver or release
  • Document the damage this should be done in written and photographic records, the more details you can collect the better.

If possible begin as many minor repairs as you can that will keep your property from becoming damaged further. Keep any receipts for work provided as this will be essential to recouping these costs in the future.

Westchester County Fire Damage Lawyers Help Recover You Recover and Rebuild

If you are in need of a legal expert in making your claim for fire damage compensation, call the Law Firm of Rosenbaum & Taylor at (914) 326-2660. Our NY business attorneys will apply our skills and expertise to defend your interests when negotiating with insurance companies or taking the case to court. Call today to make your free appointment to have the details of your case reviewed by our Winchester County Fire property damage lawyers.

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