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Insurance policies frequently have complicated and even confusing text or language embedded within them, and insurance companies that write or provide these policies exploit the exclusions and loopholes hidden in that complexity to try and avoid paying out claims for property damage.

Fortunately, there are property appraisal lawyers in Westchester County that know about these devious tactics and can help you fight an insurance company, even if you’re one of their customers.

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The veteran business lawyers in New York are very familiar with the fact that property claim adjusters are working for the interests of insurance companies, instead of serving you or your own needs. In the event of having to handle the numerous obstacles that come with property damage, it’s crucial that you partner up with a seasoned insurance claim attorney who can investigate how much damage there is to your residential or commercial property and assess it properly. Call us now at to enjoy a confidential consultation free of charge.

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Dealing With Insurance Carriers

Most of the time, an insurance company is going to do all it can to protect its own interests by doing things like delaying, denying, and even outright undermining the coverage of policyholders. If you believe that you have a claim denied unfairly, or that your offered settlement was a seriously low-ball amount, then you need to think about hiring an attorney who can work with you in building a robust case against the insurer that you’re dealing with.

The following are some of the more common reasons why insurance companies are challenged legally:

  • An insurance carrier promotes misleading information about a claim
  • An insurance carrier undervalues the actual damage or offers substandard reimbursement
  • An insurance carrier doesn’t investigate the claim in actual good faith before denying coverage
  • An insurance carrier delays the process or fails/neglects to provide you all the essential information regarding your claim
  • An insurance carrier either undervalues the actual damage costs or fails to pay them
  • An insurance carrier makes the claim that your policy did not include the damage that was assessed

Make Sure You Get Your Fair Appraisal

A panel of three appraisers is what typically handles a property damage dispute. The insurance carrier gets to choose their own appraiser who then looks into the actual claim, but the property owner’s lawyer also chooses their own appraiser that looks into the claim as well. The panel is rounded out by an independent appraiser intended for the role of a neutral third party, and they also assess any property damage.

This trio of appraisers then make a joint decision about how much compensation should be based on repair or replacement costs of the damaged property. Here at Rosenbaum & Taylor, we have highly experienced, trained, and educated property damage attorneys that know how to deal with the appraisal process and work diligently in securing fair appraisals and settlements for each and every client we work for in Westchester, NY, including you.

Learn How Property Appraisal Lawyers in Westchester County Can Help

Property appraisal lawyers at Rosenbaum & Taylor work hard to ensure you get fair treatment and proper compensation by your insurance carrier. We go over your policy thoroughly and find out if you have the legal right to get financial compensation. We also make sure that your property was insured properly for any damages that it suffered. In the event of bad faith or unfair insurance practices, we have a team of experts to challenge any denial or lowball offer from your insurance provider.

Our firm’s property insurance attorneys work hard on your behalf to give you the highest-caliber representation any Westchester County insurance policyholder could hope to have. If you think that you were denied a valid insurance claim or they just didn’t handle matters properly, then consult one of our expert attorneys to review your case and start the fight to protect your legal rights. Get a free case analysis by calling us at as soon as you can!

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