Lawsuit Could Reveal Which Businesses Abused PPP Funds

abused PPP funds

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) was a popular government response to the coronavirus this past spring. But the money quickly ran out, and then the accusations started flying. Companies were found to have abused PPP funds.  Big businesses were said to have applied for funds that should have been sent to small businesses. Banks were […]

The Line Between False Advertising And “Puffery”

business litigation

New York consumers enjoy broad protections under state law against false advertising. Consumers have the right to receive truthful information about goods and services. A misunderstanding or customer dissatisfaction can quickly turn into a claim of false advertising. If this happens, your business may be on the receiving end of a claim that it has […]

Is A Non-Solicitation Agreement Right For Your Company?

A layer looking over contract documents.

Employees often have access to confidential information as part of their employment. An example of such information is the customer or client list business has developed. To protect this, companies often require their employees to sign a non-solicitation agreement. These agreements are valuable, but it is critical that they are drafted carefully to be enforceable. […]

Protecting Your Company From Employee Fraud

An employee working from a computer.

Employee fraud is serious. In some cases, schemes like embezzlement and trade secret theft go undetected for years. Companies are sometimes victimized to the tune of millions of dollars. Any company can be susceptible to employee fraud, but it is often harder to detect in larger organizations. Fraud can also expose your company to liability […]

What Is Specific Performance Of A Contract?

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When most people think of breaches of contract, they think of the potential for monetary damages. Monetary damages are considered a legal remedy for addressing a breach of contract matter. But another category of remedies is known as equitable remedies. Among these is something called specific performance. If you are defending against a breach of […]

Businesses Will Face Risk In Re-Opening The Economy After Coronavirus

A business litigation attorney from Rosenbaum & Taylor, having a meeting with a client.

The economy has largely ground to a halt thanks to coronavirus, especially if you are not considered an “essential” business. Everyone from the Trump Administration down to state governors has started discussing how to reopen the economy. Aside from the logistics, however, there is a looming question of what risks and liabilities businesses could face. […]

What To Expect In A Wrongful Termination Lawsuit And How To Prevent It

An employment termination contract.

Terminating a worker’s employment is never easy. In the best-case scenario, you and the employee will make a relatively amicable break and go your separate ways. Sometimes, however, firing someone opens your company to allegations of wrongful termination. Our attorneys defend employers against these claims, and we work to prevent them from arising in the […]

Why You’re Business Needs A Buy-Sell Agreement

Two business lawyers having a meeting.

Owners of small businesses have to prepare for the worst as well as the inevitable. Ultimately, every owner will pass away. But they may also become incapacitated or choose to leave the company. Far too many owners fail to consider what to do after something unexpected or catastrophic occurs. That’s where the buy-sell agreement comes […]

Independent Contractor Vs. Employee: Why the Difference Matters

An independent contractor working from home

Independent contractors play a vital role in our economy. With the advent of the gig economy and expansion of freelance jobs, they are more important than ever. Unfortunately, the hiring of independent contractors has attracted closer and often unfair scrutiny. It’s important to know where the line is between an independent contractor and an employee. […]