Remote and Hybrid Work Legal Issues For New York Employers

Remote and Hybrid Work Legal Issues For New York Employers 1

Health concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic have lessened during the last few months. This has re-introduced the topic of conversation pertaining to remote and hybrid work versus requiring employees to be in the office. While employers have asked their workers to return to the office, fully remote work remains an option for many employees. In […]

Litigation Alternatives In New York

Litigation Alternatives

As a business owner, one of the last words you want to hear is “lawsuit.” But at some point during the existence of your company, there’s a good chance it will be involved in litigation. Whether you are suing someone else or being sued, it’s important to know the basics of New York business litigation. […]

It’s Over! – Or Is It? And Now What? – Business Disputes in Privately Held-Businesses

dissolution of businesses

The experienced business litigation attorneys at Rosenbaum & Taylor, P.C. represent all types of businesses, including privately held corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and limited liability partnerships, and their owners, members and partners. They represent them in internal, and external business disputes, and in actions seeking to change the ownership, or management structure of the […]

Negotiate, Mediate, Arbitrate or Litigate?

business litigation lawyers

Only the most fortunate (or perhaps, the most passive?) business owners never get involved in any kind of business dispute. Business disagreements, of all types, are often an inevitable part of running a company, no matter whether the company is a large corporation, mid-sized business, small business, family business, or sole proprietorship. These business disputes […]

Factors That Might Increase The Risk Of Business Litigation

Business Litigation Risk

Not all companies are prepared or equipped to handle the threat of business litigation. Two companies may have a perfect working relationship for years, and then something suddenly goes wrong. Disputes that seemed unthinkable or highly unlikely can pop up out of nowhere. This leaves companies scrambling to defend themselves. And businesses without a law […]

Lawsuit Against Amazon Over Coronavirus Safety Dismissed In New York

Coronavirus Lawsuit Against Amazon Dismissed

A federal judge in New York has dismissed a lawsuit against Amazon over an alleged lack of protections from coronavirus. The lawsuit concerns employees at one of Amazon’s facilities located in Staten Island. The judge said the issues in the suit should be raised with the Labor Department’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The lawsuit […]

Lawsuit Could Reveal Which Businesses Abused PPP Funds

abused PPP funds

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) was a popular government response to the coronavirus this past spring. But the money quickly ran out, and then the accusations started flying. Companies were found to have abused PPP funds.  Big businesses were said to have applied for funds that should have been sent to small businesses. Banks were […]

The Line Between False Advertising And “Puffery”

business litigation

New York consumers enjoy broad protections under state law against false advertising. Consumers have the right to receive truthful information about goods and services. A misunderstanding or customer dissatisfaction can quickly turn into a claim of false advertising. If this happens, your business may be on the receiving end of a claim that it has […]

Is A Non-Solicitation Agreement Right For Your Company?

An experience insurance investigator can detect insurance fraud

Employees often have access to confidential information as part of their employment. An example of such information is the customer or client list business has developed. To protect this, companies often require their employees to sign a non-solicitation agreement. These agreements are valuable, but it is critical that they are drafted carefully to be enforceable. […]

Protecting Your Company From Employee Fraud

An employee working from a computer.

Employee fraud is serious. In some cases, schemes like embezzlement and trade secret theft go undetected for years. Companies are sometimes victimized to the tune of millions of dollars. Any company can be susceptible to employee fraud, but it is often harder to detect in larger organizations. Fraud can also expose your company to liability […]

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