Litigation Alternatives In New York

Litigation Alternatives

As a business owner, one of the last words you want to hear is “lawsuit.” But at some point during the existence of your company, there’s a good chance it will be involved in litigation. Whether you are suing someone else or being sued, it’s important to know the basics of New York business litigation. By the same token, not all disputes – even lawsuits – necessarily end in the courtroom. There are litigation alternatives that you and your attorney should consider.

Litigation and related services

Our firm views litigation as more than simply going to court. While your case may ultimately end up in front of a jury, there are other options. Many of these can be considered before a lawsuit is filed or even up to the day of trial. Our goal is to achieve the best possible outcome for your business dispute. With that in mind, these are the litigation, litigation alternatives, and related services we offer clients:

Risk mitigation. Most businesses would rather prevent litigation from happening in the first place. Risk mitigation is one way this can be done. Our attorneys can review your business operations and make sure they comply with local, state, and federal law. We can also identify potential areas where litigation is a possible risk. Then, we get to work minimizing the likelihood you will be sued.

Internal dispute resolution. When problems arise within your organization, they don’t have to blossom into a lawsuit. Your goal is to discreetly, quickly, and efficiently diffuse the matter. We can help by providing internal dispute resolution services. This is especially useful for conflicts between owners and executives, or between management and labor. Our skilled negotiators can resolve the issue so you can get back to running your company.

Litigation Alternatives. Also known as ADR, this is a broad set of tools that can be used to formally address conflicts or settle lawsuits. So even if litigation has already commenced, ADR can dispense with the matter. Although there are several types of ADR, arbitration and mediation are the most common. They differ in their approach but both involve the use of an outside party (arbitrator or mediator).

These are just a few of the benefits of using ADR:

  • Bringing litigation to a quick end (if it’s already started) or avoiding it entirely (if a lawsuit is threatened)
  • Saving your business money, time, and the distraction of ongoing litigation
  • Allowing the parties, instead of a jury, to determine the outcome of the dispute
  • Protecting key business relationships that might be destroyed by protracted lawsuits
  • Maintaining confidentiality instead of exposing parties to a public trial

Even if a trial date has been scheduled, ADR can be used to settle the dispute.

In many cases, of course, litigation is simply unavoidable. Or it may be the best way to handle a dispute and achieve the outcome your company desires. We can represent you regardless of whether you are the defendant or plaintiff. We understand New York business law and know the value of having an effective litigator. Our goal is to maximize the damages you win as a plaintiff or minimize your liability exposure as a defendant.

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If litigation is on your horizon, one of the most important decisions you will make is which law firm to hire. You can rely on the New York business litigation lawyers of Rosenbaum & Taylor. We will evaluate your exact legal needs and develop a strategy to tackle them. This may involve litigation, alternatives to litigation, or some combination thereof. Ready to get started? Call us today.

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