Help! Get Me Out of This Contract!

Yes, sometimes, businesses do enter into contracts they really should not have entered into. Yes, sometimes businesses get “signers’ remorse” and do not want to fulfill the contract. Yes, sometimes businesses feel that what they are being asked to do under a contract is not fair, or proper, or not what they feel they agreed […]

Cost of Doing Business? How Costly?

Close up of contract, concept of contract disputes

While contract disputes are often considered, by business owners, to be part of “the cost of doing business,” understanding them and having the right team of experienced business contract attorneys can make resolving, or even preventing, disputes, much less painful. At Rosenbaum & Taylor, P.C., we have the knowledge and experience to guide companies through […]

Whale Meet in Court?

whale breach

When a whale breaches, it lifts most of its body out of the water. When a party to a contract is dealing with a possible breach of contract matter, or a breach of contract lawsuit, it can feel like a fish out of water. We don’t really think there is a connection, but it’s a […]

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