Help! Get Me Out of This Contract!

Yes, sometimes, businesses do enter into contracts they really should not have entered into. Yes, sometimes businesses get “signers’ remorse” and do not want to fulfill the contract. Yes, sometimes businesses feel that what they are being asked to do under a contract is not fair, or proper, or not what they feel they agreed […]

Building a Strong Construction Contract

drafting a strong construction contract

There is no getting around it: construction contracts are often long and complicated because construction projects are often long and complicated. The attorneys at Rosenbaum & Taylor, P.C. are experienced in construction law and contract law and represent and advise owners, developers, construction managers, general contractors, and subcontractors on issues related to commercial and residential […]

How Are Contracts Like Sports?

contract being drafted

Before you start to play a sport, you should know the rules. You don’t want to score points for the other team or put your own team at a disadvantage by your behavior. You need to understand what you can and cannot do on the field and in light of those limitations, what strategies you […]

Drafting A Contract Or Agreement For Your Business

Drafting a contract

Need help with drafting a contract or agreement for your business? Rosenbaum & Taylor can help draft a contract or agreement for your company. But what sort of contracts or agreements might your business need? What does an attorney do, exactly? And how I can be sure I even need an attorney? We can help answer […]

How Do New York Courts Interpret Disputed Terms In Contracts?

disputed terms-contract

Contracts are essential to good business, and to good business relationships. Any responsible company will have a number of written contracts with vendors, subcontractors, and even among its employees. Perhaps the most frustrating thing is to have disputed terms in a contract. A disagreement like this may prove costly because it could lead to a […]

Why You Should Always Have an Attorney Review a Contract

disputed terms-contract

“I’m sure it’s fine. I don’t have to read it, right?” “Wrong!” You wouldn’t buy a car without knowing about its features and optional equipment. You wouldn’t want to find out after your purchase that it does not have key safety features or that the gas mileage is poor or that you don’t have the […]

You Did the Work, How Do You Make Sure You Are Paid?

You Did the Work, How Do You Make Sure You Are Paid? 1

At Rosenbaum & Taylor, we know that construction professionals don’t want to worry about whether they will get paid – and they shouldn’t have to. Our construction-industry clients want to be able to focus on their trade or craft and on providing quality service that meets or exceeds their clients’ expectations. We know that contractors […]

What To Look For In A Contract Drafting Attorney

contract drafting

Contracts are serious business. With the right one, both parties mutually benefit from a valid, legally enforceable agreement. With the wrong contract, however, there’s a good chance someone gets the short end of the stick. Or, of course, that the parties go to court. That means more legal fees, potentially significant damages, and destroyed reputations […]

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Someone Sued

lawsuit involving smart homes are beginning to emerge

It’s a twist on the age-old story. Two people meet. They fall in love. They decide to get married. They … sue? Right now, in New York, there is a legal fight over whether large, indoor wedding receptions can be held and ultimately, at present, the question remains unanswered. There is a pending lawsuit that […]

What You Need To Know About Weddings In The Time of COVID-19


Weddings and wedding planning look different during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Some are being rethought. Some are being postponed and some aren’t being held at all. What does that mean to the makeup artists, hair stylists, florists, photographers, videographers, bands, DJs, bakers, caterers, catering halls, event spaces, event planners and other vendors who work so […]

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