Drafting A Contract Or Agreement For Your Business

Drafting a contract

Need help with drafting a contract or agreement for your business? Rosenbaum & Taylor can help draft a contract or agreement for your company. But what sort of contracts or agreements might your business need? What does an attorney do, exactly? And how I can be sure I even need an attorney? We can help answer these questions and more for you and your business.

The Basics of Contract and Agreement Drafting

Doing business without a contract is dangerous. Most businesses know this, but don’t necessarily appreciate how widespread contracts really are. The truth is, contracts touch on a multitude of transactions your business will engage in every single day. Agreements help manage some of your business’s key relationships with those inside and outside the company.

Before deciding whether you need a contract or agreement, talk to a New York business law attorney. Your lawyer can review your business operations and relationships and advise on what’s necessary. We can also take a look at existing contracts and agreements to determine if they need revision. Our law firm can write, review, and negotiate contracts and agreements that protect your company. And we will do so with your best interests in mind.

These are just a few of the contracts and agreements you might need assistance with:

  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Lease agreements
  • Property agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Releases and waivers
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Service contracts
  • Operating agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Software and intellectual property licensing

What Goes into Drafting a Contract?

The first thing you need when it comes to drafting a contract is an understanding of New York contract law. There are some contracts that cannot be enforced for public policy reasons. Meanwhile, other contracts have to be reduced to writing (not just an oral agreement) in order to be enforced. On top of that, some specific terms you may want to include in the contract might not be valid.

Or they could have a totally different legal meaning than you realize. Drafting a contract is complex and only grows more so as the subject matter becomes more complicated. That’s why you should trust a knowledgeable New York business law attorney with your business’s contract needs.

Next, you need a lawyer who recognizes your interests and knows how to successfully negotiate them. When you enter into contract discussions with another party, you no doubt have a set of objectives in mind. How can you make sure that the final product reflects your goals? What might you be advised to compromise in order to reach the desired outcome? There is an art and practice to negotiating business contracts. Our firm prides itself on our reputation and track record in this field.

A dedicated business law attorney will also take the time to provide personalized, hands-on attention to your contract. Contracts are typically extensive documents with unclear legal terms and clauses in them. You deserve a legal professional who will review the contract with you and explain what it means. That includes discussing your legal obligations and your rights in the event the other party breaches.

Finally, you deserve a lawyer who will answer your questions each step of the way. Rosenbaum & Taylor takes the time to work to the satisfaction of our clients.

Contact Rosenbaum & Taylor to Draft a Contract for Your Business

If you’re ready to get to work drafting, revising, or negotiating a contract or agreement, we’re ready to help. Perhaps you still have questions or want to know more about what a lawyer will do. Either way, reach out to Rosenbaum & Taylor. You can call and schedule your initial consultation with us today.

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