Issues that Arise in Construction Contracts

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The world never stops moving, and it seems like new construction is always taking place. If you’re in the construction industry, you know the importance of meeting the expectations of agreements. Deadlines, supplies, and inventory, and payroll can’t wait for a contract dispute. At Rosenbaum & Taylor, we represent parties in drafting comprehensive construction contracts that protect their rights. We also handle disputes that arise over construction contracts.

Issues to Consider in Drafting Construction Contracts

Every contract is different, and each has to consider the individual circumstances of the parties involved. However, if you’re in the process of negotiating an agreement, you need an attorney who understands common issues involved. Our firm has helped draft, negotiate, revise, and execute construction contracts, so we’re familiar with the issues that often arise. Those include:

Applicable Laws and Regulations

In New York, you may be facing a multitude of laws and regulations that govern your contract. They include state law, state and local administrative codes, state rules and regulations, and even federal regulations. You need a New York contract attorney who knows how these could affect the way your contract is drafted.

How to Handle Delays

Even in a best-case scenario, you could face delays that are out of your hands for one reason or another. They may be due to weather conditions, or a problem with inventory or supplies. Properly drafting a construction contract requires consideration of how best to deal with these delays.

Safety Compliance Issues

Construction is a dangerous job, and you want to make sure that everyone involved is following the rules. Otherwise, your company might inadvertently be exposed to a liability issue if someone gets hurt. Safety compliance, and how to handle a violation, has to be discussed with respect to your contract.

Insurance, Licensing, and Bond Coverage

Part of limiting liability also means considering how insurance, licensing, and bonding will apply. You want to understand insurance coverage for your project. And you want licensed, bonded contractors involved. We can handle construction contract drafting issues that arise around these and related matters.

Environmental Issues

Construction projects often have some sort of impact on the environment. There are numerous local, state, and federal rules that come into play when the environment is involved. But your construction contract also has to prepare for how to handle these matters and limit your liability exposure.

Project Changes and Change Orders

Not all construction projects proceed as originally planned, which is why change orders exist. But changes in the project can mean delays and added costs. Your contract has to consider how those and related issues will be handled.

How We Can Help with Construction Disputes

Even the best-drafted contract is not immune to a dispute over its provisions. However, construction contract disputes can be particularly disruptive. They can put a project on hold and have a ripple effect that touches on contractors, subcontractors, vendors, and others. If not handled properly, a construction dispute can spur other legal battles that end up costing more time and money.

Our New York contract dispute attorneys help clients efficiently resolve problems that arise over construction contracts. Where possible, we use out-of-court and alternative dispute resolution methods. Of course, if a matter does go to court, we can represent parties to the contract. But we work hard to keep the project moving forward and minimize our clients’ risk exposure.

Let Our Experienced Contract Attorneys Get to Work for You Today

Whether you have a question about drafting or negotiating a contract, revising one, or litigating one, we can help. Our contract drafting and contract dispute attorneys can work with your organization on any issues you are facing. And we will do so with an eye towards resolving the issue quickly and effectively. Let our team at Rosenbaum Taylor get to work on your construction contract matter today.

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