How Can the Right Lawyer Make My Business Stronger?

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Top business lawyers are well-positioned to help businesses in a number of ways. Business attorneys help companies develop their strategies. They help them protect businesses’ interests for example, through contracts or insurance. When necessary, business lawyers bring lawsuits to protect businesses, assert their rights and defend against lawsuits the companies are facing.

Since they have worked with all types of businesses, in all types of industries, experienced business attorneys have seen industries develop, grow and evolve, or even fade. They have seen economic conditions change. They keep a close eye on changes in the world, changes in the law, and changes to the ways courts interpret contracts and other business law-related issues so they can best advise their clients. The best business law attorneys use their knowledge, training, and experience to help businesses strategize and meet their objectives, using law as a tool to protect businesses and help them grow.

Developing A Smart Business Strategy

Every business needs a smart business strategy. Business owners invest money and time into their companies and need a strategy that justifies, and protects, that valuable investment. It is not enough to just have a great idea for a business. Business owners also need to have an intelligent strategy.

Experienced business lawyers help business owners manage their risks and develop plans to best achieve the owners’ goals. The experienced business attorneys at Rosenbaum & Taylor, P.C. learn their clients’ businesses, and objectives, and know how to ask the right questions to work with their clients to develop the best, most efficient, and most productive strategies.

At Rosenbaum & Taylor, P.C., for each business client, we want to learn the answers to the below questions, all of which inform a solid business plan and strategy. If the client does not have the answer or needs help formulating the answers, we have the knowledge and experience to help develop those answers:

  • What are the objectives of the business?
  • What resources does the business need to achieve those objectives and goals?
  • How does the business plan to achieve those business objectives and goals?
  • What legal, economic, and market challenges does the business face?

Since lawyers must keep all client communications confidential, business owners and other business leaders can discuss all the above questions and answers freely and openly. Businesses and attorneys can openly strategize and share information with their attorneys, without fear, for example, that the attorney could ever share information with the business’ competitors. In that way, the business lawyer can offer guidance and legal advice that will help the business owner develop a wise business strategy that will hopefully lead to a lucrative and successful future.

Protecting The Business

Every business needs protection. Most businesses rely on contracts and insurance for that protection. Indeed, the operations of many businesses are dictated by the contractual relationships they have. Top business attorneys regularly draft, review, negotiate, sue to enforce, and defend contracts. They know that there are key aspects of contracts that can have a significant impact on a business’s profit, risk, relationships, reputation, and operation. Having the right contract language is essential.

Many businesses are using old, or outdated contracts. Too many businesses are relying on contracts they find online. Unfortunately, form contracts and old contracts may not be protecting the businesses utilizing them and they are certainly not drafted in a way that is specific to the needs of the businesses and to the contractual relationship being formed. Laws change and contracts need to change with them.

Working with an experienced business lawyer to draft, negotiate, or update a contract creates an agreement that will best serve the business’ needs. Solid contracts are a great way to define the goals of a contractual relationship, protect the business, and address and minimize risks. Experienced business lawyers read and review contracts with their clients, work with their clients on contract language, and assist with negotiation and strategy to facilitate business.

An experienced business lawyer can also help protect a client’s business by making certain that the business has the necessary insurance in place to protect the business. Not all insurance policies are the same. The right business lawyer can make certain that the insurance coverage protects the reasonable risks facing a particular business and can refer clients to other professionals to secure coverage, if needed.


Unfortunately, litigation is a reality for a lot of businesses. Sometimes a company has to bring a lawsuit to protect its interests, or reduce its losses. Other times, a company gets sued and has to defend itself against claims of wrongdoing. In New York, a corporation, association, or limited liability company that brings a lawsuit or that gets sued must be represented by legal counsel and cannot appear pro se, acting as its own lawyer. Even if that were not the rule, a company involved in litigation would want an experienced business litigator who can argue and put forth a strong defense, or offense, in a legal proceeding.

Lawsuits can be expensive and time-consuming, but the right business litigators work with their clients to make decisions and recommendations that are economically sound and are in the best interest of the business. An experienced lawyer knows the court system, often knows the other attorney(s) and judge, and is familiar with the process and the procedures that will affect the outcome of a lawsuit. A lawyer also can work with the client to seek alternate means of resolution, such as mediation, which could lead to significantly reduced legal fees and costs.

Rosenbaum & Taylor, P.C.

We, at Rosenbaum & Taylor, are experienced business lawyers with over seventy years of combined courtroom experience. We practice law throughout the State of New York, handling business disputes from beginning through trials and appeals. We negotiate and draft contracts for our clients, believing that strong, clear contracts can help avoid litigation in many instances.

We read and review insurance policies with our clients when asked, having read thousands of insurance policies over the years. We help many clients develop smart business strategies so that they can accomplish their goals and concentrate on what they do best: running their businesses and watching them grow.

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