What Types Of Cases Does A New York Business Litigation Attorney Handle?

New York Business Litigation

No matter how well your business is run, litigation is always a possibility. It may come from inside your organization or it could come from a business partner or competitor. The government may even get involved and trigger a lawsuit. The fact is, new york business litigation is a multifaceted practice area. And if you’re facing a lawsuit, you deserve a firm that has experience with many types of litigation. That’s the level of service you can expect from the New York business litigation attorneys of Rosenbaum & Taylor.

The broad scope of business litigation

Your company could be sued by a number of different parties. These include employees (current and former), competitors, suppliers, the government, and others. Our law firm has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in the following types of lawsuits:

Breach of contract.

This is one of the most common sources of New York business litigation. If your company is found liable for a breach of contract, it may have to pay significant damages. On the other hand, if someone has breached a contract with you, you’ll likely want to take them to court. We can help with either scenario.

Employment lawsuits.

Current and former employees may sue your business, alleging (for instance) any of these:

  • Workplace harassment and discrimination
  • Wrongful termination
  • Wage and labor complaints (e.g. failure to pay overtime)
  • Retaliation lawsuits
  • Non-disclosure, non-compete, and breach of confidentiality
  • Breach of employment contracts
  • Violations of state and federal law, e.g. the Family and Medical Leave Act

Intellectual property claims.

Another company or individual may be violating your intellectual property rights. On the other hand, your business may be accused of doing the same. Either way, there’s a strong chance the matter will wind up in court. These lawsuits primarily concern patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.

Partnership disputes.

Members of a business partnership may run into disagreements over how the partnership should be run. This could lead to potentially damaging litigation. Saving the business itself may require alternatives to litigation, such as mediation.

Breach of fiduciary duties.

A fiduciary is someone required by law to act in the best interests of others. Fiduciaries must observe certain duties, such as loyalty and good faith. In business, there are numerous fiduciaries. Those include partners and corporate officers. Alleged breaches of fiduciary duties may include:

  • Conflicts of interest
  • Self-dealing
  • Illegal activity
  • Embezzlement and other misuse of funds
  • Fraud
  • Failure to provide accounting

Product liability claims.

If your company makes a product, it could cause injury to someone. Product liability claims are serious and can become large enough to lead to class action lawsuits. Your business will need skilled litigators to defend it.

Government investigations.

Regulators and enforcement agencies may target your company. These could be state and local, in New York, or come from the federal level. Your business may face scrutiny over tax issues, alleged insider trading, and much more. It is imperative that you retain skilled legal counsel if your business has been notified of a pending investigation.

It’s Time To Call A New York Business Litigation Attorney

Whether you’re the plaintiff or defendant, litigation can be distracting at best and financially devastating at worst. No matter the nature of the lawsuit, your company deserves a dedicated law firm. Rosenbaum & Taylor understands New York business litigation and has what it takes to effectively advocate for your company. Give us a call today to learn more.

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