Louisiana Businesses Will be Shielded from Most Coronavirus Lawsuits


By now, it’s well known that the wave of litigation is rising with the country reopening after the coronavirus pandemic. Businesses large and small have worried for months about their liability exposure and the threat of frivolous lawsuits. The state of Louisiana has taken the rather extraordinary step of shielding most businesses from coronavirus related […]

Fired XFL Commissioner Sues Vince McMahon Over Breach Of Contract

XFL football field.

Oliver Luck, the former commissioner of the XFL sports league, filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against controlling owner Vince McMahon. His firing came three days after the XFL suspended operations and filed for bankruptcy. Luck was not listed among the creditors for the XFL. The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Connecticut, alleges that […]

Amid Coronavirus Pandemic A Wave Of Restaurant Lawsuits Against Insurance Companies

virus insurance

The coronavirus outbreak has hit the restaurant industry hard, as social distancing and stay-home orders are implemented. That has many restaurants considering their options as profits plummet. One possible avenue has been to look at business insurance protection plans. Not surprisingly, this has led to lawsuits being filed by restaurants against insurance companies. Oceana Grill […]