The Hartford Wins Dismissal of COVID-19 Insurance Lawsuit

The Hartford Covid Case Dismissed

A lawsuit against The Hartford Financial Services Group Inc. regarding COVID-19 was thrown out recently in South Carolina. A federal judge agreed to dismiss a lawsuit against Hartford, claiming the insurer could not be held liable. The policy in question, according to the judge, was issued by one of Hartford’s subsidiaries – not Hartford. Black […]

Will Insurers Be Required To Apply Business Interruption Coverage To Pandemics?

Will insurers be required to provide business interruption coverage?

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit last year, restaurants and other businesses were forced to shut down. In response, they turned to business interruption clauses in their commercial property insurance policies. But many insurers refused to apply the clauses to the pandemic. And courts typically sided with insurers, noting that business interruption usually means physical disasters […]

Coronavirus-Related Lawsuit Against College Dismissed

Coronavirus lawsuit dismissed

When the coronavirus pandemic started shutting down the country, lawyers readied themselves for lawsuits. We’ve already seen litigation against various governments and insurance companies. Now comes the wave of lawsuits against institutions of higher learning. Over 150 class action lawsuits have been filed against colleges and universities. In one case, a college was able to […]

Breach Of Contract Lawsuit Dismissed Over Covid-19

A lawsuit against a New York auction house for canceling the sale of a painting has been dismissed. A Rudolf Stingel painting was planned for an auction with Phillips auction house earlier this year and contractually agreed upon. But as Covid-19 set in, the pandemic caused Phillips to cancel all sales. The consignor of the […]

Will Virus Insurance Save The Day Where Business Interruption Coverage Failed?

virus insurance

When the coronavirus pandemic exploded last spring, the economy came to a screeching halt. The combination of stay-at-home orders and depleted consumer confidence cost many businesses. Forced to close their doors, these companies turned to business interruption insurance coverage. For a number of reasons, these policies were insufficient to make up for lost revenue. Insurance […]

Breach Of Contract Case In New York Town Dismissed

The Hartford Covid Case Dismissed

A lawsuit alleging breach of contract over a proposed development has been dismissed in the town of Fishkill, New York. Hudson View Park Company filed the suit over the proposed Rolling Hills development. The company alleged that the town breached a contract and thereby caused $1.2 million in damages. The lawsuit is an interesting mix […]

Zocdoc Lawsuit Illustrates Mechanics Of Motions To Dismiss In New York

Zocdoc Lawsuit Illustrates Mechanics Of Motions To Dismiss In New York

Co-founders of Zocdoc, the online medical care appointment booking service, are facing a lawsuit in New York. The suit, by another co-founder and former CEO, alleges an attempt to oust him from the company. The alleged conspiracy to stage a coup has disrupted leadership at the top of the business. But now, the defendant co-founders […]

Lawsuit Against Amazon Over Coronavirus Safety Dismissed In New York

Coronavirus Lawsuit Against Amazon Dismissed

A federal judge in New York has dismissed a lawsuit against Amazon over an alleged lack of protections from coronavirus. The lawsuit concerns employees at one of Amazon’s facilities located in Staten Island. The judge said the issues in the suit should be raised with the Labor Department’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The lawsuit […]

Coronavirus Insurance Lawsuit Dismissed in San Antonio

The Hartford Covid Case Dismissed

Everyone in the business and insurance communities knows about the blossoming coronavirus lawsuits. These cases are largely ongoing, but there’s one exception in San Antonio. A group of barbershops sued their insurer, State Farm, over denied insurance coverage related to the pandemic. A federal judge has dismissed the lawsuit, in a win for the insurance […]

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